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    watch Commander Neat

    If anyone's interested, this was my last web series, which I finished last year. Basically, it follows a kid named Billy Blast across the galaxy on a quest to get his sister back from the aliens that ate her...somehow. It has some adult language, so be warned...
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    After over eleven years of basically not being here, I'm surprised my account is still active. Anyway, I just thought I'd drop by, update my profile and see what's new. It still looks like the same board I remember, so I guess not much has changed.
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    New series in the works

    I'm currently in the process of creating 3D models and characters for an animated series that I have planned. Unlike my first series, which is science fiction (and is kind of on an indefinite hold right now), this one will be a comedy-drama about the lives of a widowed father and his son (both...
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    I just noticed that it's been over a year since I released the last completed episode of The Portal, so I thought I'd just give a short update of how the next episode is progressing. Episode 10, entitled "Fold", is about halfway finished and looks like it will be the longest episode, yet. I've...
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    watch Trailer for The Portal

    I made a little 45-second trailer for my web series. This is the first time I've made a trailer, so it might need editing. Feel free to offer suggestions (note: the video content itself can't be edited).
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    I've moved my site

    I've moved my site off of Geocities and am now using Netfirms as my new host. I just got tired of all the ads and Netfirms seems to only put one Google ad banner on every page and doesn't have any pop-ups (if you get any, please let me know). Anyway, if you've linked to the site, you might want...
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    favorite Your Favorite Weather

    What kind of weather do you prefer? Do you like it sunny and warm or cold and wet? Personally, I like weather that's stormy, cold and windy.
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    Actors needed for new sci-fi series

    Actors needed for new UK sci-fi series Ian Paterson, of Superteam Productions, is currently looking for actors around the London area for his original series, 2 Epic. No acting experience is required. For more information, visit this thread. Registration isn't necessary, if you want to post a...
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    Production Webcams

    How many people have webcams set up to show "live" video or pictures on the Internet of your cast and crew working on your projects? I just thought that it might be interesting to be able to see what goes on during production, as it actually happens.
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    Increasing Digital Video Resolution

    Would you get a better image quality from a video captured at 160x120 if you increased its resolution in a program like VirtualDub to 704x480, using the Lanczos3 filter mode, saved the file, then loaded the saved file and decreased its resolution to 352x240, using Lanczos3, instead of just...
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    watch Original Sci-fi Series: "The Portal"

    Here are the first seven episodes of a science fiction series that I've been making since 2001. I'm, primarily, making it as an excuse to experiment with special effects, but I'm, also, trying to tell a story. Note that it's being made under "nightmare conditions", since I don't actually own any...