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  1. pedramyz

    The artist's way of life

    From time to time I like to open up discussions like this and see what others think or feel about it. The question is where does the knack for creativity come from ? I've been reading some articles about artists' ( known or unknown ones ) shared characteristics. The one interesting thing that...
  2. pedramyz

    Is script polish considered cheating?

    I was checking out and they provide a script polish for 600$. The amount of change the original script undergoes is unbelievable. Here is the example they've posted on their page : One of the most...
  3. pedramyz

    legal How do you protect your work?

    I know I asked this question before, but I only got into it briefly. If I wanna discuss it with a bit more detail I'd make some examples of stealing ones works or plagiarism : Let's say You've written a script. Now you intend to give it to an editor ( who you don't personally know ), and lets...
  4. pedramyz

    Difficulties on describing specific forms of emotions in scripts

    Not all emotions can be described through dialogue. I've reached an impasse in which I want to show certain emotions through action sequences but if I intent to do so, I'll need detailed and elaborate scene descriptions ( with Directing notes like CU, Tracking,..). Which takes both a bulk of...
  5. pedramyz

    Are shorts submitted to festivals considered as non-commercial products?

    I've emailed my favorite band to ask for their permission to use their tracks in my upcoming short. They've given me permission to use their tracks and they said as long as I give them full credit for the tracks in the credit line that would be ok with them as long as the film is used for...
  6. pedramyz

    Truby's blockbuster software

    I regularly read John truby's articles about writing. In one of his promotional spam emails I got this : I was wondering what professional writers here make of this. Is the stuff he's saying true? I'm not talking about the software but more about the general notes he made in above text.
  7. pedramyz

    Candle cove creepypasta?

    The gossip for this children's show (??) is really interesting ( whoever came up with this made up story for the show was indeed smart:lol:). However I couldn't get my hands on all the original epiosdes ( I'm a big fan of horror genre. but this one is a straight up psychological rape...
  8. pedramyz

    Is a professional still able to enjoy movies as an audience?

    Once you become a professional, paying attention to details ( objectively) becomes part of your responsibility. A responsibility that helps you hone your craft. Since I've decided to become a "maker" of films rather than staying only as an audience ( Consumer), I've found my self nit picking...
  9. pedramyz

    pitching to a producer.How is it done?

    I have found a producer. Help! Recently a producer in america ( who is a friend of a friend ) has emerged and has agreed to read my script. I told him the logline and he liked it. But I have no idea how this "pitching" process works. I'm currently working on the 6th draft of it, and I'll give...
  10. pedramyz

    The problem with over analyzing movies

    I've always been a big fan of John truby's teachings but recently I went to his web site and gave a read to some of his movie breakdowns. The stuff I read shocked me! He stomps on movies that are overaly considered masterpieces like "Departed", " Beautiful mind" , "Prestige" ... and he stomps on...
  11. pedramyz

    Best screenwriting contests

    Last year I enterd nicholl fellowship screenwriting contest. This year however I want to enter more than 1 contest. Does anyone know what are the best and most reputable screenwriting contests in U.S? which contests in U.S provide the best opportunities for international winners?
  12. pedramyz

    Movie suggestions for different tastes

    This thread is for those who have a certain taste in movies but don't know what movies satisfy that taste. You can either explain what your are looking for in a movie or you could name a movie as an example of your taste and others make suggestions to you based on that info. One of the best...
  13. pedramyz

    Sundance lab

    I've heard in one of Quentin Tarantino's interviews that he submitted the script for reservoir dogs into sundance lab and he got accepted into the directing program. And because of this program he learned a ton about directing and producing. I am searching the sundance website right now and I...
  14. pedramyz

    The balance between business and creativity

    When you have an idea for a movie or a tv show and you absolutely love that idea, to what extent should you compromise to create it in the industry? Most famous filmmakers suggest that you should always be loyal to your original idea, on the other hand there is the matter of keeping it...
  15. pedramyz

    Your take on my script's reader's comment

    As I mentioned in other threads, I entered the nicholl fellowship screenwriting competition but unfortunately couldn't enter the 2nd round of the competition. Below is the reader's comment which got out 10 hours ago. I am curious to know what other people take away from this critique. Is it...
  16. pedramyz

    How to get a professional sound for a project for newcomers.

    This thread is for those who are new to sound tech and intend to make a project ( short films, feature films,..) with flawless sound. For starters I'll ask certain rookie questions. I have previously directed some short films, but none of them were serious enough for me to get specific sound...
  17. pedramyz

    Script Vet

    Hello, I am an aspiring filmmaker currently living in Iran. I hope one day I can break into Hollywood industry. I have written a feature length screenplay. Any professional who has the time to read the first 10-15 pages and give me their ideas are welcome. Two problems however: 1. I don't...
  18. pedramyz

    How scripts should be critiqued? and by who?

    There is a lot of controversy when it comes to critiquing a screenplay . Opinions differ from one another. But what are the most important aspects of a screenplay? Is it the scenario ? The dialogue ? Grammar? Character development ? Twist? Uniqueness? we know all the factors above should be...
  19. pedramyz

    How does Hollywood work?

    when there is the talk of Hollywood, everybody approaches it as this near to impossible prize that only people of extreme ingenious talent can claim. Be 100% good and still Hollywood is not a sure thing right? But every year we all see so many garbage movies that get produced in Hollywood, and...
  20. pedramyz

    screenplay pitch problems

    hello everyone, I'm an aspiring writer, hoping to become a successful filmmaker one day. I have a question from you guys that I haven't been able to find the answer to myself. I'm an Iranian and I currently live in Iran. I have written a screenplay and have submitted it into nicholl fellowship...