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    watch Commander Neat

    If anyone's interested, this was my last web series, which I finished last year. Basically, it follows a kid named Billy Blast across the galaxy on a quest to get his sister back from the aliens that ate her...somehow. It has some adult language, so be warned...
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    After over eleven years of basically not being here, I'm surprised my account is still active. Anyway, I just thought I'd drop by, update my profile and see what's new. It still looks like the same board I remember, so I guess not much has changed.
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    announcement Basic Members Can Post

    Thanks. :)
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    announcement Basic Members Can Post

    Good to hear....or read, rather.
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    New series in the works

    I decided to not use a mesh or bones and just make the character out of several different objects and manipulate the appendages manually. Doing it that way will probably give better control, anyway. There's a bit of distortion when rotating limbs at the joints, but it's not that severe. For...
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    New series in the works

    Well, what I want to do is make the bones stay inside the mesh, when I move it. It's kind of necessary in order to keep things working right.
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    New series in the works

    I'm currently in the process of creating 3D models and characters for an animated series that I have planned. Unlike my first series, which is science fiction (and is kind of on an indefinite hold right now), this one will be a comedy-drama about the lives of a widowed father and his son (both...
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    Want To Make IndieTalk: The Movie?

    Hmm. Would an IndieTalk movie be sort of like an Indiana Jones movie?
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    Do the heads need cleaning?

    Yeah, that's one of the disadvantages of using tapes. If you don't clean the player heads regularly, the build-up of static can ruin them.
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    New here - Timberwolf

    Welcome to IndieTalk.
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    watch Original Sci-fi Series: "The Portal"

    It's very time-consuming. Some parts are fun, others are just work. The end result is worth it, though.
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    watch Original Sci-fi Series: "The Portal"

    Thanks. I'm not sure what the next project will be. It's probably going to be several years, before all of the remaining episodes are made and the series wraps. I might try to do some smaller projects before then, though. As for funding, I'm not really looking for any. I'd feel like I would...
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    watch Original Sci-fi Series: "The Portal"

    It took me almost a year and a half to get it done, but Episode 10 is finally online. I finished final editing on it a couple of hours ago. QuickTime Format (17.4 MB) Windows Media Format (16.0 MB)...
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    Hello, all.

    Welcome to IndieTalk, Brandon.
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    Learn 3D studio max from my video tutorials

    Max is fairly easy to use, once you get the hang of it.
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    Hi There

    Hi, Mike. Welcome to IndieTalk.
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    Do you create a background for the characters?

    I like to let the backgrounds of certain characters develop on their own, as the story progresses over several episodes. I think creating a static background for each character limits what you can do with them.
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    Hi all im new here!!

    Welcome to IndieTalk.
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    Glad you liked it. :)