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  1. directorik

    Star Wars Episode VII
  2. directorik

    Now We're Talking Cameras This is the first camera in a long time to interest me. And I get to take it for a test drive Apl 15, 16 and 17.
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    A Sobering Bit of Reality

    I don't post articles. I don't even start threads. This one is really caught my attention.
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    Sundance news

    L.A. Times, January 20, 2012 put into print before the screening And a follow up Deadline January 20, 2012 on line this morning. A nice success story.
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    JVC Unveils World’s First 4k Handheld Camera at CES I have been a JVC user since 1999. Love their pro cameras. Looking forward to giving this a test drive.
  6. directorik

    Interview with Jim Vines and Justin Samuels

    Samuels is suing two of the major agencies for racial discrimination because they have not even looked at any of his scripts. I know Jim only by reputation. And have read several of his scripts. He is a straight up good guy. This is an interesting interview.
  7. directorik

    Recommendations on royalty free songs

    I'm looking to buy some royalty free songs. I've found plenty of places offering music libraries, but very few that offer songs. I'm putting together 15 promo clips like this for a startup company, but clearly can't use that song. I've the only one I can find is Anyone have any...
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    "dark crimes" in Trail Dance

    Yet another Official Selection for my movie and a nomination for best mystery/suspence. Anyone near Duncan, OK? I'm going to fly out for the day. dark crimes trailer
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    "dark crimes" at FAIF

    For those of you in Southern California, my movie will be screening at the FAIF International Film Festival at the Chinese Theater on October 7. Check HERE for festival info. You can see the trailer HERE Be sure to introduce yourself - I'd love to put a face to the name.
  10. directorik

    "Screener" question.

    I rarely do this: send out screeners. Most of the time my stupid little movies are made after I get distribution. "dark crimes" is different. Aside from not being a stupid little movie, I made it without securing distribution. We're having a screeing on Monday (Aug 1) and have told all the...
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    "dark crimes" screening in Hollywood

    Showing at the Ivar Theater in Hollywood. We've already had several distributors confirm and I would love to fill the house. It would be great to meet some of the IndiTalk people. Send me a note Click here for a bigger pic of invatation.
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    "dark crimes" screening

    After a three year battle that included: losing my DP 30 hours before the first day a 1974 Cadillac El Dorado catching fire in the California desert the ExecProducer getting arrested by the Feds 3 weeks into a 4 week shoot for Securities fraud my movie "dark crimes" is finally finished and The...
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    This is disgusting!

    I couldn't resist the sensational headline! This link popped up on a newsgroup I frequent and started quite a discussion: A shocking story - "found footage" - a list of newspaper clippings - people posting on newsgroups and message...