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  1. khorne

    panasonic gh2 550$

    on amazon i have my panasonic gh2 like new posted for 550 just thought i would let the forum know of a killer deal even if i am the one who is making it lol
  2. khorne

    need help with new audio setup

    hey i just bought a zoom h4n and an ntg-1 and a 15 foot live wire elite xlr cable my question is how do i get the mic to work i have it all hooked up and i tried a bunch of stuff but only the h4n is recording. i also have a rode boom pole on the way and im getting a panasonic gh2 (decided to...
  3. khorne

    how do you find a camera man

    i want to make a documentary on a pretty modest budget pretty mch just enough to get me where i need to be and survive but i was wondering if anyone else has done something similar and how u found your camera guy or guys and crew? do you have to just hire people or is it just finding like minded...
  4. khorne

    renting equipment

    hi does anyone know good places in california to rent equipment? im gonna be shooting shortly after returning to california and i need to do some shopping around to look at prices money isnt really an issue at this point i have a few thousand that i wanna devote to this project so i think...
  5. khorne

    hey everyone watsup from iraq

    im an american seviceman serving in iraq and i thought this would be a great place to learn new stuff for my filmmaking endeavors upon my return home. i know alot of people may dislike me for it but i want to make porn. :D but im also intrested in other types of films. anyway just sayin hi. oh...