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  1. NicklausLouis

    Hello again!

    Anyone remember me?
  2. NicklausLouis

    Pico Dolly

    Wanted to make a recommendation for the Pico Dolly. It's a nifty little piece of equipment I recently started using on my shoots (here's an example).
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    watch Protect America Tutorials

    I'm working on a series of tutorials for my company. Here's the YouTube playlist of all of the completed tutorials. More are on the way, and I'd love to get some feedback from you peeps as I continue on this project. Thanks!
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    watch Security Company Online Ad

    Hey folks...long time. After a break from the industry, I'm back working for a security company as their new "Video & Media Specialist". I recently created an online commercial for the company based on the "Sh*t _____ Say" meme. Would love to get...
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    Joe Bob Briggs Productions accepting spec scripts

    From Joe Bob Briggs' Twitter account. Worth a shot if you have something decent.
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    Spontaneous Combustion?

    Umm...I think I may have written a story outline tonight. I was sitting in my favorite chair when an old story idea for a feature that I'd shelved a long time ago popped into my head. I got a vague idea of what I wanted to happen in the first act, but not much else. So, I got up, moved to the...
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    My Top Ten Things of 2010

    If you care what some guy from Texas thinks about stuff: My Top Ten Things of 2010
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    60 Best Blogs for Aspiring Screenwriters

    60 Best Blogs for Aspiring Screenwriters
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    Mumblecore Anyone else a fan of this indie genre?
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    I highly recommend seeing this film!!! BURIED If you love Hitchcockian suspense, or if you've ever even heard the word Hitchcockian, go see it. Ryan Reynolds gives a career performance as a man who wakes up in a coffin. The entire 90 minute film takes place in the enclosed space, and you will...
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    WARNING: This thread will likely contain SPOILERS, so if you'd like the movie to remain a mystery then move along... Anyone else seen it? Curious to get a discussion going about it.
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    Anyone else seen it? My opinion: It's basically EL MARIACHI retold with a political bent. Should have remained a fake trailer and nothing more.
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    Hello, I'm Nick

    Some of you used to know me, but others didn't. I kinda, sorta, notreallya used to be a big deal around these parts. But something changed in me. I started hanging out with a non-indie crowd. And before I knew it, I was into the really mainstream stuff. Many nights, I would lie awake watching...
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    John August's Superheroic Scene Challenge

    John August will occasionally have a a little challenge on his site. Like a lot of short film challenges (for instance, the dearly departed ITOOFC) he gives you a couple of requirements to build your scene around then leaves the writing up to you. I finally got the bug to take part in one...
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    A Stupid Movie For Jerks

    Director: Mike Sarti Studio/Production Company: Family Cave Genre: Comedy Length: Feature Website: Score: 3/5 I'm a big fan of truth in advertising. So, after looking at the DVD cover, I popped in A Stupid Movie For Jerks, hoping I'd see a stupid movie...
  16. NicklausLouis

    Dear Pillow

    Director: Bryan Poyser Studio/Production Company: Heretic Films Genre: Drama Length: Feature Awards Won: Atlanta Film Festival -- Grand Jury Award 2004 Boston Underground Film Festival -- Bunny Award 2004 Independent Spirit Awards -- Bryan Poyser Nominated -- Someone to Watch Award 2005...
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    Macbeth 3000: This Time It's Personal

    Director: Geoff Meech Studio/Production Company: Supergun Cinema Submitted by IndieTalk Member: Spatula Genre: Comedy Sub-Genre: Action Length: Feature Awards Won: Best Trailer -- Young Cuts Film Festival Website: Score: 4.5/5 Macbeth 3000: This Time...
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    Director: Donlee Brussel Studio/Production Company: Nice Brick Productions Submitted by IndieTalk Member: steve gelder Genre: Comedy Sub-Genre: Mockumentary Length: Short Awards Won: Most Inspirational Film -- Seattle True Independent Film Festival Best Short Film -- Asheville Film Festival...
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    watch The Poke Show: Super Beto y Guero Romo

    Just in time for Football season, Super Beto and Guero have returned to add a little comedy to this holiest of holidays. "Super Beto y Guero Romo" by The Non-Retards
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    Why Youtube? Why?

    I recently deleted my old Youtube account because the Creative Name Filmgroup has disbanded (I'm not quite sure we ever really banded in the first place). Anyway, now I'm thinking I made a mistake because I can't get my movies uploaded. I keep getting an "error:500" message...and not the funny...