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    watch Check out my work

    Hi everyone, I've been doing shorts since 2012 and would love to know what people think. You can check out my shorts here: I think Family Business and Painting in the Lobby are the best ones, but what is your opinion?
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    critique 3 page absurd comedy on retail investment

    Hi, I'm new so let me know if I get something wrong :) I wrote a 3 page surreal comedy script about online retail investment inspired by Mr. Bean old classics like Charlie Chaplin. I'm looking for some reactions by experienced readers, but of course I'm glad for anyone else to have a read and...
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    Hi, im a director and screenwriter based in London

    Hi, Im a german writer and director based in London. Currently I am doing an MA in screenwriting with Raindance. I have written and directed a number of shorts, and I like absurd comedy and surreal vfx. My current fav movie is Once Upon A Time In Hollywood :)