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    The Filmmaking Process, Illustrated

    Looks about right. :bag:
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    Spielberg vs. Hitchcock - Epic Rap Battle

    'nuff said.
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    Audio frequencies on wireless mic/receivers

    I was just about to purcahse a Sennheiser G3 wireless kit, when I noticed there's three different models available - each with a different frequency spectrum. Why is this this important, and should I be looking at any one in particular? A, B & G in the Sennheiser ew 112-p G3 series, btw. A...
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    A Film Worth Stealing

    Heh, I didn't write that title... anyways, here's an interesting article from a filmmaker who tracked down the sources of illegal uploads of his film. There aren't any real solutions to the problem in the article, but some general advice at the end - and at the end of the day, you're still on...
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    That Oculus Rift sure looks sweet :) :bag:
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    Movies about screenwriting

    I watched Tales from the Script (it's on Netflix streaming, btw) a few days ago - a series of interviews with several industry screenwriters, broken into chunks. Some writer-wannabes on the board here would prolly dig it. :cool: :lol: Any more...
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    The human brain has a 15-second lag...

    Whoa! Pseudo-filmworthy especially for this part: The discovery, called a continuity field, at first seems to be yet another optical illusion, good to explain why we miss errors in film editing. I'll take the blue pill, please...
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    watch Community Project - Connected

    I've seen several threads recently started on the forums, trying to put together a community film project. Figured I'd share one I did a tiny bit of work on last year. I don't know the writer/director at all. He (maybe she?) had written a script that took place all around the world, and...
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    Pining for the simpler days of twerking...

    Maybe Miley wasn't so bad, after all... :lol::lol::lol:
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    Rambo: Last Blood

    You know you wanna... :yes: .
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    Marillion & Early Crowdsourcing Heh, most of you prolly never heard of Marillion anyway. In any event, this wandering article mentions how the band's fanbase pulled together in a 90-s version of crowdsourcing to not only stage a...
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    Film-set tragedies

    Awful story (still developing) that hammers home a powerful reminder about film-set safety. No film is worth the death & injuries of your film-crew. :/ Edit: More details...
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    Kickstarter hacked - change your passwords

    Full deets here: Figured it's worth a mention here, 'cos apparently many of you have so much spare bucks to give to Zack Braff film-projects through this thing. :cool: Change your password! .
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    City Lighting & the LED Replacements

    Saw this article earlier today: More of a general interest article, than anything lighting-specific, but figured some y'all might enjoy it. Btw, I'm pretty sure that's the 6th St bridge, shown halfway down. Been...
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    watch 10 Minute Bible

    This is a no-budget weekend project I did for my father. It's an ongoing series, and the goal was to create a free bible study series available to anyone, but particularly to be used as a training tool for his congregation's third-world mission work - a combination of humanitarian infrastructure...
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    Movie Posters

    Just saw this, and figured it some of y'all might find it interesting. :) .
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    Audio drifting out of sync

    So my DSLR footage is 23.976fps, with the onboard audio track at 48khz. External audio was recorded at 44.1khz The video project is Adobe Prem Pro CS4, with project settings matching the DSLR footage. (23.976 @ 48khz audio) I've resampled the 44.1khz external audio to match the project...
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    How To: Actors & crying scenes

    A little bit of movie-magic tips & tricks :bag:
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    Watching movies with the family

    The Onion hits & scores with this one:,32299/ :lol: .
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    Editing Nintendo 3DS video

    I bought a Nintendo 3DS last week ( lol Animal Crossing ), and the device lets you shoot pics & even video in 3D. I've had absolutely zero luck on how to edit the video footage, so that it's suitable for playback on 3DS devices. I have found several tutorials on how to convert & edit the...