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  1. Scoopicman

    watch ENTITY WITHIN (horror short)

    Here is a short that I made with producer, Wynda Knight. I used the BMPCC 4K camera.
  2. Scoopicman

    watch THE HAG IN THE HILLS (5m,49s Short)

    I shot this, Last weekend, for the 48HFP. I've been using the HVX 200 for 14 years. I finally got a new camera: the Black Magic Cinema Cam 4K. Shooting at night was a breeze! (Finally!) This is my first project with that camera. I ran a Sennheiser shotgun mic directly to the camera.
  3. Scoopicman

    score Shoot the monster!

    A music sample I did for some filmmakers making a monster/military movie. Just a simple piece to showcase the kind of production I can give them. Anyway, I put some scenes from an old movie of mine on top of the music, so there was something to look at. The montage turned out more cool than I...
  4. Scoopicman

    AXEMAS 2 music

    Some of the music that I did for the Santa slasher short, AXEMAS 2. I did 25 minutes of music for it. It's going to be released as part of an anthology. Supposedly there are going to be 5 AXEMAS movies. I'm pretty sure that it was my score for POOL PARTY MASSACRE that prompted the makers to...
  5. Scoopicman

    watch EYE IN THE SKY 6 1/2 min short

    Was having a little fun with my drone for this 48 Hour Film Project. Shot it on a Saturday. Genre was Silent Film.
  6. Scoopicman

    watch Mike Conway interview

    I did this psuedo interview as an intro for IndieMeet. Lots of crazy clips from my past films.
  7. Scoopicman

    INDIEHEAT (Las Vegas IndieMeet 2018)

    For those of you who are in the area and might want to stop by. Most of the filmmakers are from Nevada and California. If you would like to come, PM me and I will share the address (N.W. Las Vegas). We show films, at night, and do demos during the day, on Saturday. I've been hosting this...
  8. Scoopicman


    My buddy, Greg Parker, asked if I could post his short short. If you like comedy, puppet gore, this is for you!
  9. Scoopicman

    watch ROAD RASH comedy short (6 min)

    Here's a comedy short that I shot, last Saturday, for 48HFP. "A flirtatious driver has a strong attraction to a homeless bum, while an artist draws fat pictures of his wife. It all culminates in an explosive clash." Required Character: Glen...
  10. Scoopicman


    The movie has been making the rounds at festivals. Now that it has premiered, I can finally share some cues from it.
  11. Scoopicman


    I'm really glad that the summer concluded with these two lesser budgeted, but well written movies. I recommend them both! Nice to see some that aren't rehashed remakes, although the under-rated MANGLER REBORN (2005) was an earlier version of thieves locked in a house. Stephen Lang (AVATAR)...
  12. Scoopicman

    watch KNIGHT WITCH 48HFP short

    We drew "Superhero" for our genre. Required character - Kirk Trentwell, a "candidate." Prop - a brush. Line - "Stop talking, start doing."
  13. Scoopicman

    Chewy, the Rabid Puppy! ( IndieMeet 2016)

    Please check out the video, starring my new puppy. Yes, it is the promo for IndieMeet 2016, but I posted this a little late! Not expecting any of you out-of state-people to come, so just relax and watch the video. :lol:
  14. Scoopicman

    RIP Tracy Crockett (aka Unspeakablemag)

    He didn't post here a lot, but many of you knew about him or had your movie reviewed by him. He passed away, due to heart failure. Goodbye, old friend. I got to meet Tracy, in 2005. We convinced him to play a part in our movie, THE AWAKENING. Some scenes, here...
  15. Scoopicman

    THE REVENANT holy smokes!

    What a movie! For the first 40 minutes my jaw was on the floor with the visuals, both location and CGI. The choreography is amazing. Frenetically paced and mesmerizing. As for the rest of the movie? Really good! However, the pace gets a little slower. There are plenty of more amazing...
  16. Scoopicman

    watch IT TAKES THE CAKE (8min short)

    Hi, all! I shot and directed this short for this year's 48HFP. The heartbreaker was that I was over-confident about the time and my wife and I turned it in literally 1 minute late! Hence, we could show, but not compete. I've done the 48 six times and this was my first late project. On the...
  17. Scoopicman

    Stupid Guy's gravity camera (IndieMeet 2015)

    Here's my latest IndieMeet Stupid Guy video. It's pretty funny. I apologize in advance for such late notice. If any of you guys/gals are in the Las Vegas area the weekend of June 5th - 7th, please stop by! And, bring your short movies! Lots of...
  18. Scoopicman

    Las Vegas IndieMeet 2014 (June 6 - 8) Mike here (aka Scoopicman, Dr. and Stupid Guy). My wife and I host this at the house, each year. If any of my Indietalk friends want to hang out, let me know. Kick back, eat, swim, learn and network for a 3 day weekend. Bring your best short...
  19. Scoopicman

    GODZILLA 2014

    I'm normally not a big fan of GODZILLA movies, but indie genius Gareth (MONSTERS) Edwards is making his Hollywood debut... and it looks good!
  20. Scoopicman


    This closed out my summer theater fare on a high note that I wasn't expecting. The story is kind of shallow (similar scenario as PITCH BLACK), but it was very entertaining. My review from IMDB: PITCH BLACK was made for a relatively low budget and became a minor hit. Probably being...