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    misc How to construct a screenplay

    I had a very good book recommended to me recently for the screenwriting neurotic, which teaches the most straightforward and correct way to construct a successful screenplay. It was extremely helpful and glad to recommend it for any budding writers. But. I came across this video and found it...
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    critique The Dark Site - First Act

    Many thanks to the members who offered their advice on this project on the previous 2 threads, notably @sfoster, @mlesemann and @Unknown Screenwriter. Have taken the comments and suggestions on board and tweaked the story. The main things I've changed is that the killer now plays a more...
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    story The Dark Site

    Would like some help and advice with a feature screenplay I'm developing. I'm aiming for a low budget gritty thriller/horror and I'm planning to set it in London. I've got the premise of the story, and I've written an outline, but as I try to add depth to the story, I find myself torn between...
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    format Scene transition

    Quick question on formatting. I have a screenplay which involves a number of dream sequences where there is either an immediate or gradual (merging images) transition from one location to another. What is the best way to describe this in a spec screenplay? I've read previously that you...
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    character Low budget Horror/Slasher

    I have a low-budget horror/slasher concept I'm trying to develop. I've written a short on the psychopath serial killer who forms the base of the story. I'm looking for some feedback as to whether the character "works" as a credible but engaging antagonist. I won't go into the full backstory for...
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    critique 5 page short drama

    Hey guys, looking for some feedback on my short. It's a 5 page emotional drama piece with the slightest touch of the surreal. LOGLINE: A grieving couple coming to terms with the mysterious disappearance of their son discover they are already expecting again. They must endeavour to move forward...
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    critique Looking for some feedback - first 10 pages of my screenplay

    Hi, recently finished my first feature length screenplay. It is a sci-fi thriller with an edge of dry humour. I'm posting the first 10 minutes of the script. Would really appreciate some feedback from any kind person who is willing to give their time to read it.