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    watch Creeping (Short Horror Film)

    I would love for you all to check out my new short horror film 'Creeping'. Other than a few episodes of a web series, this was my first film in 5 years. Like any learning experience there are things I felt I did well and things I really need to work on. I'm excited to be making films again and...
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    Do you attend every festival?

    I'm wondering if you all attend every single film festival that accepts your film? I live in the Northeast and have been thinking of submitting to festivals in other parts of the country. Problem is, with my upcoming wedding and work schedule, I'm not positive I'd be able to travel to every film...
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    Hi there!

    Hi Everyone, I am originally from Upstate NY but for the time being living in the Boston area. Began making movies in 2003 and did the film school thing with a craft track in independent directing and producing from 2007-2010. Moved to NYC in 2010 and kind of got away from filmmaking for a few...
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    SGM-1X/Tascam DR-40?

    Hi everyone, I purchased a Tascam DR-40 in order to capture better sound for my Canon 60D. The mic I was using with my DVX100B and HVX200 was the Azden SGM-1X. Problem is, I can't seem to record any sound when I connect my mic to the Tascam via XLR cable. Just nothing, dead air. Maybe I'm not...