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    connecting with other humans in RL

    Hi! Its been a while, I've been off on various tangents, and now find myself with the itch to work on a project. Back in my day (see my previous posts form a few years ago) crigslist and facebook were great for connecting with other local filmmakers in my area, however, it seems...
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    Dudes -- I MISS YOU!!!

    Im not really into film making anymore, but I sure miss this community. whats everyone up to? CF? Where the heck are you? FYI: Im a VR game\experience developer now. Got a game on steam even.. Learned alot in these forums that I still use ..
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    holly crud 4k for under 5K

    Blackmagic rocks it again.. seems like a red killer to me..
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    Lets Talk grip

    I love grip stuff.. lets talk I want more cstands!!! I also want some of these..
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    If APE had a sense of humor

    he might think this was funny..
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    Simple Practical Effects

    Hi all, in typical wheaty fashion, Im shooting tomorrow night, and have no idea how to achieve what I've written! lol. The setting.. a high action shootout in a typical suburban kitchen. Very short.. 1 minute or so.. How to do a practical effect of a dinner plate getting shot by a laser...
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    eye line ?

    Hey all, Iv been sorta struggling with the concept of eye line. So far I have been doing OK with eye line by relying on blocking the scene and not changing the blocking between shots. Basically the actors are always in the same position and thus the eye line looks natural regardless of where...
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    Premiere Pro CC 2014 performance issues

    Hi all, not a lot of activity in this area. So hers something.. My newish PC intel core i7 cpu 3.47 GHZ (12 HT cores) 24 GB ram Windows 7 64 bit. Has started feeling rather sluggish at time on Premiere pro operations with footage from my hacked GH2. My project is stored on raid 0 drive...
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    Pocket Cinema cam $500!

    surprised this info is not already here... Blackmagic Design Announces Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera for US$495. Fremont, CA - July 16, 2014 - Blackmagic Design today announced an exciting Summer Special discount for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera for the low price of US$495. With a...
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    Sonar, Who knew

    I was just hitin the crackbook pipe when I saw this photo.. I could not take my eyes of those two little "air horn" looking widgets on the top of the camera.. what the heck were those? I had to know! I took some guesses at what the could be and discovered that they are this thing...
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    Community Project: UFO Scene

    Need scene ideas for a hoax UFO sighting video. Constraints: Two characters. One "shooting" the video on cell phone, the other ??? Location is a clear cut area in the mountains with trees near by. Mountains in the background. They see a large UFO fly over head. funny go
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    [Community Project] Schedule

    OK, time to plan my summer vacation... I'm free ALL OF JULY! Was planning on shooting being done by Aug. What are some basic outlines for dates? Footage uploaded for edit Aug 1. What else?
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    [Community Project] Cinematography

    Discussing all aspects of cinematography for the ongoing IT Community Project. Topic starters: Image Quality Meta Style Common shot sizes Mise-en Scene Serving the story Image Quality: 23.976 FPS, 1920x1080 progressive. Meta Style: Apply stylistic flourishes in all remote scenes to tie it...
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    Is it just me or does a $6000 price tag seem ridiculously inexpensive for the URSA from Blackmagic. Unlike red, all you need is a lens and a battery and your off.. Edit: those Cfast 2.0 cards are expensive though, why didnt they just...
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    Dream Killer For Hire (cheap prices)

    Come one, come all. Lets hear your dream! How you want to be a great film maker. How you want fame, riches, and love. Give us 10 minutes and we will kill that dream for cheep. Think how much money you'll save by having the experienced IT'ers here clearly point out how your mediocrity and...
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    watch Teaser \ Trailer for Carriers

    Here is a new trailer for my daughters high school senior project short film "carriers" Im her DP.
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    watch Wheats kid at it again

    My daughter cut this teaser for her short film (im DP) High school senior project.
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    Epic setting, now whats the story?

    I have this epic setting that I want to set a small personal story into.. Setting: 100 years ago, strange powerful benevolent beings came from "elsewhere" and gave the human race the opportunity to transcended the physical world. To each is offered immortality and limitless opportunity for...
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    watch Video Haiku
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    Hallelujah FD M43 Speed booster! Its like an entire new set of lenses for only $400!