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    Can math predict the success of film?

    I think this might be why: If you can't get to that last link... I can't either, and don't know why... As a mother, I can tell you that my husband and I end up watching Kung Fu Panda and National Treasure WAYYYY...
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    announcement Film Jobs

    I would like a way to list "accomplishments/experience" that may not necessarily be related to education or training or even filmography. For instance, a writer might list books or magazines where she has been published and her estimated readership/fan base. An actor might include that he does...
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    New Mexico Eloquence

    Hi everybody! I can’t believe I’m just now finding out about indietalk. I think this site is super cool and I like the friendly community feel of it. I hope to learn some things from you guys. We used to run a forum about this size, and so I know when I say “hey, you should add this...