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  1. kinglis

    A video to remember

    I've been wondering who would dare to represent what we all think about size :lol:
  2. kinglis

    Kim Ki-Duk's Arirang is a must! Have you seen it? Unbelievable! Highly recommended!
  3. kinglis

    I've just seen Trier's Melancholia

    One of the best films I've ever watched...
  4. kinglis

    Festival Premiers plans D'Angers

    Anybody participating?
  5. kinglis

    K for Kanaeva
  6. kinglis

    No comment :)
  7. kinglis

    Hats off for people from Logan, Utah Hats off to the brave people from Logan
  8. kinglis

    No comment :(
  9. kinglis

    On the other side of the planet right about now Edit: Title inspired by Ray :)
  10. kinglis

    That's what it's all about :(
  11. kinglis

    Anybody interested in participating?
  12. kinglis

    If you have to choose only one film

    ... to take with you on a desert island, or to lock in a time capsule (or to send it to Space for aliens to watch :)).. Which one would you choose?
  13. kinglis

    Raoul Ruiz is gone

    I feel empty :(
  14. kinglis

    I'm getting obssesed with Phil's video I keep on rewatching it...
  15. kinglis

    I'm this close to get into a fight with my boyfriend because of this video. She's good, man...:yes:
  16. kinglis

    All their videoclips are like short film jems.

    Here's an example..
  17. kinglis

    Am I the only member here from Bulgaria? Total recall :)
  18. kinglis

    That was a lil bit of disorganised fun
  19. kinglis

    I've just seen this really good short film Which are your favorite shorts? I'd appreciate it if you send some links. :) Here's a few of my fav:
  20. kinglis

    My dream actor ever to cast in my movie is