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    Funding a $10,000 Student Short Film?

    Im not an expert by any means, but I cant honestly see you being able to exchange credit and product placement to fund a project like this... Mabe you could use them to get some cool locations to shoot for free (example: offer to show the local grocery stores logo in the film if they let you...

    Stuck on this section of my plot.

    Sounds like a decent movie plot, I had a few ideas to fix your problem... -mabe the rich woman has all the necessary skills to find the terrorists herself... mabe shes an ex FBI agent or something, mabe shes studies psychology and knows how to get into there heads (like Hannibal Lector was...

    David Yates to direct Doctor Who

    THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!! doctor who is hands down one of the best television shows out there. the last movie they did back in 1996 was alright for the time (and the continuity errors can all be explained away pretty easy, at least compared to the Dimensions in Time TV special, LOL), hopefully...

    Advice on finding a good editor.

    It happened! i saw it! VIVIIX sees ALL ha ha ha! but seriously harmonica44 , i agree with what EVERYONE has been telling you. do the editing yourself. i cant reemember the exact quote but Stanley Kubrick once said editing is being the only craft exclusive to film and filmmaking, and that all...

    Hello from Canada

    Welcome fellow canadian. cool shoulder rig you got there.

    If you could shoot in any place in the world?

    Tokyo, that place looks like its 20 years into the future. Perfect for a Sci-fi film.

    URGENT! Ideas Needed For an Independent Thriller Set in the Lanzarote Desert!

    I like the overall story you have here, and ive come up with some ideas: -The woman who calls him could be someone the character knows, like his girlfriend. makes the suductive conversation make a bit more sense. then he starts to suspect by the way shes talking that she might be working for...

    watch Semi-Silent Film

    After reading everyones imput last night, i decided to look over all the original footage and see if there was a way to change the films ending. i was able to find a few clips that i had originally thought where junk, that ive been able to put together a new ending with. ive also added in some...

    watch Semi-Silent Film

    Thankyou everyone for your comments, i Agree totally about the suicide ending. i had originally wanted to make the film 2x as long, with the suicide being an attempted suicide interrupted by some rustling in the trees behind the character, and then a shootout with another person from the...
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    watch Semi-Silent Film

    I've just uploaded a short film onto Youtube that ive been working on for a while now, its called "The Last Man Alive", its supposto be mainly a silent film, using only a few sound effects to try to set the mood of the film. its filmed on a regular home video camera, and the costume was...
  11. VIVIIX

    Can I put dead people into my Film?

    Can i get sued if i put a dead persons likeness into a film? ive heard before that you can use anyone whos dead in a film, but i thought i should verify if thats true or not. If i wanted to make a film that featured Hitler, would i have to seek out any of his descendants and make sure there...
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    favorite What is your all time favorite movie scene?

    My favourite movie scene is definetly the tanker chase scene in Road Warrior.
  13. VIVIIX

    how would I do this?

    Have you thought about using CGI, if you where to find the proper 3d modeling program (Milkshape & Open FX are a couple of good ones) and follow any number of tutorial videos on youtube you could easily make a CGI Doll. Considering that most dolls have that "fake" look that most CGI models have...
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    watch Short Film INFECTION

    Good Job, i thought the news clips at the beginning where a really good way to speed along the plot quickly without taking too much out of the film. sorta gets the viewer right into the action and skips the borring stuff.
  15. VIVIIX

    Somebody Make This Movie!

    Mabe cast Thora Birtch as the killer, shes the right age, can do a very good english accent, and she plays a scary as hell murderer, just watch the movie The Hole (2001).
  16. VIVIIX


    I guess im supposto introduce myself... My name is Jake, im 21 years old & Canadian. Ive been into film making for years, ive had alot of amature experience through school projects and personal projects. ive had some CGI and 3d modeling training, and ive had some film experience filming a local...