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  1. directorlca

    Why Filmmaking?

    Hey Everyone, I just wanted to hear everyone's take on why they're into filmmaking, what they love about it. What draws you to this medium as opposed to other creative mediums?
  2. directorlca

    Bandos Unite!

    Hey I was wondering if there are any other marching band video geeks here, and I mean geek it a good way of course. Cause I'm a bando and was thinking of doing a bunch of videos revolving around marching band. . . yeah. . . and it would be super cool to do with with other bandos who are also...
  3. directorlca

    American Film Market

    Hey a friend of mine told me I should check out the American Film Market down in Santa Monica, but I wasn't sure if anyone knew much about it? I saw that people could buy badges to attend (but they're a few hundred dollars at least) Does anyone know much about the AFM? Is it free if you just...
  4. directorlca

    Few Questions

    Alright, I have a few questions I want to throw out there. First of all, how expensive would it be to rent a DVX-100A? the best bet would be to become good friends with someone who has one. . . but I would like to know if anyone has ever done this before. I have a VX2100 but wouldn't mind using...
  5. directorlca

    Release forms question(s)

    Hey I have a question. Under what circumstances would I need to get a release form signed? If you can recognize someone's face? Well here's what I'm doing. I working on a video (documentaryish style) about healing and the sense of touch, it will go into massage and how human touch is actually a...
  6. directorlca

    watch Every 15 Minutes

    Hey Everyone, Well I decided to post something that I did. This the Ever 15 Minutes video I edited for my hometown high school. Wouldn't mind some feedback. I wouldn't mind doing more of these kinds of videos, anyone know of anything by any chance? It's moving. It's a short 5 minute piece. The...
  7. directorlca

    Australia NTSC or PAL?

    Hey I was wondering if anyone knows what kind of format is used in Australia? Is it NTSC, or PAL? Another questions, has anyone used both of these formats, and what are the benefits of the two? I wonder if this world will ever have a simple standard. . .hehehe.
  8. directorlca

    Attention CSU Students!

    Hello everyone! I am wondering if there are any other students in this forum from the CSU system (California State University). I am interested in starting up a large film project to create for festivals across the country if not internatinally to show what students of today are truly capable...