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    Plane or helicopter for aerial video

    Thanks for the tips. I once saw a set-up on a webpage so that the monitor was inside a pair of goggles, meaning that the controller could see exactly what he would see were he inside the plane/helicopter (or from wherever the camera was positioned). Ideally, I'd love something like that...
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    Plane or helicopter for aerial video

    Purely for fun, I'm looking to get an aeroplane or helicopter, to which a video camera can be attached. I've heard of tiny cmaeras weighing a few ounces that can capture HD and are dirt cheap too, but I'm pretty much clueless about these and the vehicle, so I'm asking for advice. Thanks.
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    "It's (film title) meets (film title)"?

    That's still blatant plagiarism and would likely end your career before it even starts. Yes, some writer-directors and writers have gotten away with it by sheer denial, whereas others have called those scenes/characters/events a "homage", but really, you'll never be much of a writer if the best...
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    Western synopsis wanted!

    Pocho99, I get it that you think you're not asking for much, but in reality, you're asking for a hell of a lot! Honestly, best of luck on your shoot, but no-one in his right mind would give you a damn good story if you can't even state whether or not you have the capacity to deliver an...
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    Best poster-designing program

    WalterB, I think you're right: I've been too consumed with looking at stuff I want to do rather than getting the gist of the basics of the program, under the assumption that they're just something I'll pick up. I'm sure that if and when I re-dedicate myself to it, I'll master them in no time...
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    Best poster-designing program

    Thanks for all the replies. Dreadylocks, A pity that I could never get those 5 minutes with you. I've actually spent a several hours on-off on PS and have looked at a load of videos, but the "Tragic" Wand seems to have picked up the moniker for a reason and - maybe I'm just all thumbs when it...
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    Storyboard Quick

    The boards are meant to be presented to help raise money. I can draw pretty well bu I get frustrated that the angles are off; stickmen isn't something to show investors (though works fine with crew). I heard that Storyboard Quick lets the user move a virtual camera around a blocked scene to...
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    Best poster-designing program

    I have Photoshop but learning even the basics takes so damn long that it's not worth the ag' - I'd honestly prefer to sketch, colour and then scan a picture than spend weeks attempting to colour the said sketch. I'm saying that so you can understand I don't want anything comlex. I'm looking...
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    software for sin city-type film?

    Don't bother with a script. I made a stop-motion in my late teens that really wasn't very good, but it was a good learning experience. Since you don't have any experience in animating, you could either knock up some storyboards for a moving comic, or try to persevere with a 5 second clip of a...
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    Software Recommendation

    As mentioned above, for free (though it's of a profesional quality), Lightworks for PC/Mac is an absolute steal. I'll warn you though that the learning curve is very tough if you don't have any editing experience, and you may want to start small (Windows Movie Maker - also free) until you're...
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    Screenwriter wanted!

    Moi, Elemental, missä olet suomessa? I'll drop you an e-mail.
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    Storyboard Quick

    Holocene, This is why I was asking for a demo. Let's be honest: if we were going to get pirate software, would we really then splash out $200 to say to the developers, "I'm buying it because I feel bad"? And as WalterB pointed out: if AVG are blocking the so-called trials that I found on...
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    Storyboard Quick

    This program got recommended to me the other day, but at over $200, I don't want to buy blindly. Does anyone have any experience using this? Is there a demo available somewhere (note: I've found a couple bu AVG blocked the downloads, so they couldn't have been genuine)?
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    I'm 17 and just wrapped my first feature

    Connor, your achievement is fantastic and you've shown resourcefulness that will benefit you in both career and life. I'm happy for you and am looking forward to seeing the trailer (if not the actual film). My previous comment wasn't made to imply that your rich daddy paid for everything...
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    I'm 17 and just wrapped my first feature

    I'd never heard of it, Janet, but it looks promising - do you use it yourself? Connor, A truly amazing achievement, congratulations! As those of us out there scrounging for cash know, getting in front of people with the resources and making them believe enough to make an investment is not an...
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    Tomorrow I start co-directing. Any tips?

    I'm confused. Are you blocking the scenes and the director's playing DoP, or are you some kind of Art Director?
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    watch Debut Feature Film

    Congratulations! When I read £10k, I was surprised at how good it looked! The outdoor scenes were all great but the indoor ones were a tad too neat for my liking, given the tone. I hate to pass a negative comment on your outstanding achievement, but you were open to discuss any criticisms...
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    New Indiegogo campaign

    Thanks for the outline. I think he posted a link somewhere else here, because I came across it ealier (and wondered where all these comments had gone). Can't blame a boy for trying... just a pity he didn't put more thought/research into it.
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    length of comedy screenplay

    Right, I won't dissect your style because the actual script needs to be the focus. Your problem with the opening is that it's too short - we need to either see how miserable the whole team is or skip straight to the dressing room, with the opening shot being something akin to: AWAY DRESSING...
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    Which comes first, the script or the budget?

    I didn't read all comments as directorik's initial answer nailed this.