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  1. ryanrapsys

    score How Do You Find Composers?

    There are loads of film composers out there for me, I know - I am one! I think it ends up being more a matter of who you get along with as far as their personality, tastes in film and music, what other things you have in common, etc. I have found the strongest relationships I've...
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    There may be some music that might fit what you're looking for in my catalog, which is fully searchable with full metadata (instruments, genres, moods, etc.). Many of the tracks have alternate versions as well. I'm open to licensing any of this music for a very reasonable amount - just get in...
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    score Favorite Active Film Composers?

    Cliff Martinez, Clint Mansell, Trent Reznor, Carter Burwell, Nick Cave/Warren Ellis, Thomas Newman, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Mychael Danna, Harry Gregson-Williams...those are some of my current favorites. TV has some amazing composers working today as well: Dave Porter (Breaking Bad, The Blacklist)...
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    Can anyone help me find royalties info on this

    It's very possible that it's a public domain tune. However, that would mean that you'd still need 'master use' rights to use that actual recording (or any recording of it, for that matter). If the song is not public domain, then you would need both synchronization rights and master use rights...
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    royalty free music

    Yes, that's true. You don't really need royalty free music for your project, you just need cheap synchronization and master use rights. That's the best way to go. If you're searching for truly royalty free music, you are bound to find a lot of lower quality music. If you use music that is not...
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    Semi-Comprehensive guide to free or cheap royalty free music

    I just made my music catalog available for licensing. Most of it was originally film score music for other indie and student films, but some may find it useful for their projects as a cheaper alternative. They're all available at 24/48, and the catalog is fully searchable with a large amount of...
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    Film Composer in Los Angeles

    Hey everybody! Just joined recently - looks like a cool forum! I've worked on a half dozen indie shorts as well as two indie features, always a grind but some of my proudest work - love working with creative directors and filmmakers. Looking forward to taking part in some discussions...
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    Should I get a composer before or after editing?

    If you can, try to get a composer signed on as early as you can. There's always time to hack out a general sound, some basic themes, etc. Obviously, the heavy work can't begin until the edit is locked, but if the general instrumentation/sound/themes are already worked out, then the rest of the...
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    Short Action/Drama 'Only Human'

    Composer Hey there! I'm a Los Angeles-based composer - if you're interested in checking out my music and/or getting in touch, you can learn more at my site: Thank you!