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  1. Patrik P

    Recreational videography

    Hello filmmaking community!:D How many recreational videographers are here? By recreational I mean just starting out, doing if for fun and that kind of videographers :) Let's chat and share experiences, the voyage is awesome but the struggle is real :yes:
  2. Patrik P

    watch My best one so far

    Hi guys! Let me present to you a short video I made, in my opinion it's the best one I made so far. Shooting was done with Gopro7, Sony a6300 with a 55-210 zoom lens and DJI Spark. I would very much appreciate your feedback cause this is the only place I found online that has this kind of...
  3. Patrik P

    Hi from Croatia!

    Hello filmmakers! :) I'm Patrik, I love shooting and editing videos so I thought I'd join. I've been doing this for about half a year now and I'm loving every second :) :D