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  1. Conner Kent


    SOMETHING FOR SOMEONE - Official Trailer (2012) Link to Vimeo for higher quality: Link to Facebook page: Link to Website: If...
  2. Conner Kent

    Davinci Resolve COLOR CORRECTION TEST!

    Hey everyone, So basically this is a test of Davinci resolve with 60D footage and Technicolor Cinestyle flat image. WATCH IN HD its only 38 seconds! :yes: This was done in around 15-30 minutes just messing around and this would have taken at least 1-2...
  3. Conner Kent

    New logo INTRO Hey everyone, so me an my crew have only have ONE MORE SHOOT! Haha we are topping it off with a big finale boxing scene with around 75-100 extras(we got a casting Director). Anyway that was off topic... Just wanted to share with you what my VFX guy...
  4. Conner Kent

    Man Of Steel Trailer JOR-EL VS Jonathan Kent

    Hey guys so for a while now two rough cuts of the Man Of Steel trailer were released and one version is voiced over by JOR-EL and the other, Jonathan Kent. Which one did you prefer or stand out more to you? JOR-EL VERSION: JONATHAN KENT VERSION...
  5. Conner Kent

    Indy Mogul Games 10 Second Trailer

    Hey guys, Is anyone else here entering this competition just for fun haha? Well I have a new film coming out that I Directed and is about to go into POST PRODUCTION right after our last shoot. But check out my entry and I would love to see yours! Good luck to all and hope you enjoy...
  6. Conner Kent

    Something For Someone

    Hi everyone! some of you may have recently saw some of my posts about directing a short film for a local T.V company where I live(Hawaii) and I thought I would share with you how it is going! I am the Director/Actor in it and the experience has really been something amazing and more than you can...
  7. Conner Kent

    mixing two different cameras for one shoot?

    Hello my fellow INDIERS! Hows it goin?? Well I need your guys help. I have a shoot this Sunday and here our the options for filming. OPTION ONE: 1 Canon 5D Mark ii 3 Canon 60D's OPTION TWO: 1 Sony HXR-NX5U 3 Canon 60D's OPTION THREE: 3 Canon 60d's The HXR-NX5u is more expensive then 5d but here...
  8. Conner Kent

    60D grainy footage at 100 ISO and amazingly lit????

    Hi guys I am just wondering you can see grain on my shirt and some other places when it is fully lit well with professional kits and shot on hd 24fps at 50 shutter speeed and 100 iso??? Why is this??? If anyone knows please help because even in 360P it doesnt look that good and it should! My...
  9. Conner Kent

    17mm-55mm + 55mm-250mm on 60d

    Hi guys. I know a lot of you will have different opinions but here is my situation I have a 60D which is a 1.6 crop sensor so a 17-55 lens would actually be a 27-88 on my camera. This is good for a wide shot, medium shot and close up(27,50,85) and a 55-250 would be 88-400 on the 60D This would...
  10. Conner Kent

    Is this a good lighting kit?

    Hey everyone I am currently making a short film and I have most of the equiptment except for lighting. I do have this light kit that came with my green screen...
  11. Conner Kent

    Can any of these lenses be used on my T2i?? Hey guys in that link there is that kit for $150 I was only gonna get it because of the lenses but I heard I cannot use them with my T2i? Is this true and how come? Anyway if I can't is it still worth buying?
  12. Conner Kent

    Is this guy making a STUPID DEAL?? Check this out over 1,000 of good shape equiptment for $150.... should I go for it lol?
  13. Conner Kent

    IS Teamex PTV7000 a good Portable TV

    Hey guys, my haier 7" broke and the price shot up three times.. So I found this. Would this be a good portable TV to use for a shoot if not i need one that is under 85 plus shipping. I need to buy it soon cause I have a shoot in two weeks. Any suggestions? And what batteries would it use?
  14. Conner Kent

    Must have lenses for DSLR!?

    Hey guys I recently bought myself a Canon 60D. I upgraded from using a Nikon coolpix P100 and Canon Vixia Hf-M300 because both don't really have interchangeable lenses. I am graduating high school this year and will get a lot of money (hopefully) and was wondering what are some must have lenses...
  15. Conner Kent

    Monitors on set worth it?

    I have a film that I am producing and I will be filming at a boxing ring and schools. I was wondering if it is better to have like a small 7" monitor for filming on location or a bigger one? I currently have both but what would I end up using more? For playback since i am Directing and Acting in...
  16. Conner Kent

    Color Correction Contest!

    Hey GUYS! Okay so first off I am directing a film for Television and I am just trying to make sure I am prepared or everything to come. I want this to be a experience of learning not only for me but for everyone viewing or participating! So I Googled a raw image on and found one, what I am...
  17. Conner Kent

    How bad is it to film at night?

    Hey guys i'm about to film a short and I was wondering, if I get a china ball and someone to boom it and follow the actors can I film at night or will it come out very bad? I was wondering if i should film before sun down but I would have to e restricted in not showing the sky and add all the...
  18. Conner Kent

    Casting Director Questions?

    Hey guys I'm about to hold LOTS of auditions and I need to know what are GENERAL things to ask them? Any help is greatly appreciated :D
  19. Conner Kent


    Hey everyone! Well I am directing a short film for T.V. and the T.V. Station is letting me use the Sony HXR-NX5U to film with! It's a $4000 camcorder and good from what I saw. THEN I started hiring crew and the sound mixer has a Sony PMW-EX1R and will let us USE IT!!! It is a $7000 camcorder...
  20. Conner Kent

    Things to make sure you have on set?

    I recently have made a budget for a short I'm about to film in the oncoming month or so and I have all the items lined up in the budget from the script breakdowns but, my question is what am I forgetting? Now I know you can't look at the budget and know what I need and not but is there anything...