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  1. jonny_o

    software Interactive Video Software?

    Great question. First audience is internal employees watching a video on a secure network that could point to multiple online tools and documentation. Second audience would be external clients both existing and potential. Both distros would be on privately hosted sites, internal and external-facing.
  2. jonny_o

    software Interactive Video Software?

    Need help! :) I'm looking to create an interactive video wherein the viewer could: Click on elements in the video to be taken to a URL Give the viewer the option of skipping to a different section of the video Allow the view to choose "path" of video (i.e., alternate endings) Any suggestions...
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    Comment by 'jonny_o' in media 'Minus One Theatrical Trailer (2019)'

    Ten years ago I wrote and co-directed a feature film about three soldiers from an Army Reserve unit called to fight in Afghanistan, and how they must prepare themselves for the possibility of never returning home. That movie is Minus One. It played the festival circuit winning three best...
  4. Minus One Theatrical Trailer (2019)

    Minus One Theatrical Trailer (2019)

    A feature film I wrote and co-directed is now available on Amazon Prime.
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    misc Books and podcasts on screenwriting?

    Intrigued by the "Your Screenplay Sucks" title :) Thanks, Jon
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    misc Books and podcasts on screenwriting?

    I've heard this one suggested before as well. Thanks!
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    vfx Animating OBJ files

    I'm working on an edit and have been given OBJ files. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to animate these in After Effects or any other program in the Adobe suite? Much thanks, Jon
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    story Any advice on finding a manager?

    Both were great reads. Thanks for the info.
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    misc Books and podcasts on screenwriting?

    Looking for recommendations on book and podcasts for screenwriting. Tell me your favorites and ones to stay away from? Thanks, Jon
  10. jonny_o

    Good to be here...

    I am a writer, director and occasional actor. My regular gig is media producer for a global company, writing copy, shooting, editing and managing distribution. Adobe suite is my go-to. I'm working on a screenplay currently and am hoping to get some insights from this forum. Best, Jon