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    watch Semi-Silent Film

    I've just uploaded a short film onto Youtube that ive been working on for a while now, its called "The Last Man Alive", its supposto be mainly a silent film, using only a few sound effects to try to set the mood of the film. its filmed on a regular home video camera, and the costume was...

    Can I put dead people into my Film?

    Can i get sued if i put a dead persons likeness into a film? ive heard before that you can use anyone whos dead in a film, but i thought i should verify if thats true or not. If i wanted to make a film that featured Hitler, would i have to seek out any of his descendants and make sure there...


    I guess im supposto introduce myself... My name is Jake, im 21 years old & Canadian. Ive been into film making for years, ive had alot of amature experience through school projects and personal projects. ive had some CGI and 3d modeling training, and ive had some film experience filming a local...