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  1. indiejunior

    Need Advice for the best (highest quality) export settings for festivals and backup

    best export settings in premiere for festivals submissions please expired
  2. indiejunior

    Should I buy Panasonic G7 or Panasonic GX8 ?

    1) Should I buy Panasonic G7 or Panasonic GX8 for short film/documentary (and travel use when not producing short films)? I'd like to hear the views of first hand experience users especially. 2) How much does it cost in your country (in Europe) and special promotions in shops-not online only...
  3. indiejunior

    Need Very Simple Producer-Editor Contract Sample Please

    I am a newbie short film director/producer and the pre-production stage is almost done. I need to get an editor to do the post production (editing the raw footage, providing the film output file as well as 1 trailer) I've seen long and complicated contract samples on the net. I appreciate...
  4. indiejunior

    Which one I should buy: Canon 700D-750D-760D for short film/documentary production

    I need your first hand experiences of these to pick to buy for short film/documentary production: Canon 700D-750D-760D - please tell me which one I should pick and why?
  5. indiejunior

    Need Subtitle Tips/Examples/Guide On entering [sound], [echo] etc

    I need some sort of guide or tips/links for entering background sound type of entries in subtitling: [would I be using like [eerie music], [whispering] etc for the background music or sounds? What's the common practice please?
  6. indiejunior

    What camera is this? Any good or bad points please?

    1)What camera is this? 2)Good or bad points please? Thank you in advance
  7. indiejunior

    What filter I need for the film in film's audio please?

    I need an urgent help please -adobe premiere cc - I have a short film where a)few friends are talking to each other - no audio filter/settings needed b) they are watching the film (through a pc monitor and sound system) one friend has secretly filmed the audio / sound of the people on...
  8. indiejunior

    Do you Trust Marbella Film Festival?

    Hi everyone. I happen to submit my short few months ago now they say my film is selected and More to come: Not finished yet. . may also mean more money to charge it seems. Anyone has experienced such terrible request at all? Has anyone have any dealings with
  9. indiejunior

    Getting a mock-up newspaper shot, HOW?

    How can I prepare a mock-up news item photo and film it? I need a mock-up news item where the character's photo and special headline including news item shown in the film. How can I show the newspaper coming out of the printing machine and camera zooming into the specific news item prepared...
  10. indiejunior

    1800 FilmMaking Book Titles

    1800 Filmmaking Book Titles
  11. indiejunior

    Any Worthy Festival Suggestions For A First Timer On Her First Short/Documentary?

    Hi Everybody, I have completed my first short film (under 30 minutes documentary ready to go in PAL or NTSC) And I believe I may have another 8 months before applying to "maximum 1 year old productions" restrictions in general. I've gone through withoutabox and I wouldn't know anything about...
  12. indiejunior

    Not happy with withoutabox screener quality?/Festivals ask better copy if selected?

    I have uploaded a copy to withoutabox/imdb and not so happy about the quality and trying to upload another copy to see it'll be better after it's been rendered by the site again My question are: What is the purpose of the screener? If it is the ultimate copy for the festivals it's quality not...
  13. indiejunior

    Uploading mpeg4 video OK if withoutabox wants .mov video?

    is Uploading mpeg4 video OK if withoutabox wants .mov video?
  14. indiejunior

    27-Minute Documentary Needs A List Of Film Festivals/Competitions To Be Sent To

    Hi everybody, I have a 27-Minute Documentary I'd like to send to Film Festivals/Competitions starting with no entrance fee to the rest I also prefer the ones, I am also invited & at least a partial attending costs like accommodation etc offered if selected for screening I need to know your...
  15. indiejunior

    Need subtitle help

    I was told that It is better to add the subtitles embedded/hardcoded permanently on the video itself for festivals and NOT in srt type of files where it works on a seperate file Any tips you might suggest on doing that please? does that mean I just type the words on the frames through the...
  16. indiejunior

    3D Technology & its implementations and impacts on you ?

    What do you think of the 3D Technology & its implementations and impacts on you as directors, art directors, cinematographers, screenwriters and other creative people? I know it is not a very soft topic, but I'd like to know the "not so distant" future? and why one needs to get ready?
  17. indiejunior

    How to add subtitles onto a film via Edius basic titler?

    I need to create subtitles. 1) Do I need to use any special easy program to do it? 2) How to add subtitles created entered onto a film via Edius 6 basic titler please? all the best
  18. indiejunior

    I need some ideas for the ending credits

    What should be in it? What should be out ? any tips and ideas please?