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  1. DeceptionA

    Afrer Effects - Multi Machine noob question

    Hello gents, I've been toying around with "render farming" with after effects with a couple old PC's I have. I've figured out how to do it, but what do I do with all these PSD files? How do I make them back into video?
  2. DeceptionA

    MAE Films Demo

    Hey guys, My company just got a demo done of some of the stuff we did last year. Check it out, tell me what to think! Feel free to not hold back any punches ;)
  3. DeceptionA

    watch First music video - "Gotz Ta Have It" by Hard Labor Camp

    Here's my first attempt at a music video. It's a rap video, not really my style of music, but the song isn't too bad! It was shot all around Detroit, MI last September. Youtube Link
  4. DeceptionA

    Production Company Business Software

    Hey guys, I'm starting to do more and more 'producer' type of work and actually sending out invoices and paychecks to people. It's starting to get a bit confusing on who owes me and who I owe. I've made a few excel sheets to do very basic accounting stuff, but I'm looking for something more...
  5. DeceptionA

    Anyone from Michigan?

    Hey, all. Just seeing if anyone is from Michigan in here.
  6. DeceptionA

    watch Mockumentary: Never Odd Or Even *rouch cut* and there is a link to it on the main page. I suggest you right click and hit 'save as', it's a 50mb movie. It's roughly 12 minutes long, and just wanted to get some outside opinions. Thanks!
  7. DeceptionA

    what to put on personal websites?

    I'm a new f'ing guy to the video/film production world. So, I don't have much to offer. I wanted the website to be a selling tool for my services. Should I concentrate on uploading more shorts and commercials that I have worked on in the past? Or should I concentrate on making it look more...
  8. DeceptionA

    The Last Days of a Lost Soldier - short script

    Tell me what you think. Feel free to be harsh, if I only wanted to hear 'thats great' I would just show it to my mom. :cool: FADE IN: EXT. EMPTY FIELD -- AFTERNOON A silhoutte of a man stand hunched over something. The man is PRIVATE STEVEN THATCHER, an American soldier. Thatcher is...
  9. DeceptionA

    Good sound mixer

    Whats a good sound mixer that features a good prices for production audio?
  10. DeceptionA

    Meiyo - Samuri short

    FADE IN: INT. JAPANESE COURTROOM -- DAY (FEUDAL ERA) LORD MATSUMOTO, 40's, sits in his throne looking at the man in front of him. Behind him a clan crest hangs behind him. He is about to decide the fate of the man in front of him...
  11. DeceptionA

    Getting Avid certified

    How hard is it to become Avid certified for the DS system? And how much does it cost?