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  1. directorlca

    iTunes for indie movies

    I like the idea too. I'm wondering if there'd be an easy way to put these movies on DVDs like itunes puts music on CDs, that'd give you the option of having physical DVDs, although that's definitely a compression and file-size issue for downloads. Bring back the Video CDs?
  2. directorlca

    Final Cut Studio-Academic and a recording deck.

    if you've got a dvx100a just be sure you know what you're doing to capture the 24p mode. Cinema tools (which comes with final cut) allows you to turn 24p footage into real 23.98 fps footage. But you have to capture it a specific way, the timecode must start with a 5 or 0 on the tape when...
  3. directorlca

    Canon GL2

    I've used a GL2 in 16x9 mode and have been very happy with the quality. WIth a little manipulation on the computer you can get clean blacks and good color. I'm a Sony person, but I used the GL2s for the frame mode, and I was actually impressed. As long as you're familiar with the camera it's...
  4. directorlca

    PAL, NTSC and QT question

    oh just fyi, both PAL and NTSC support 23.98 frame rate, the only difference then would be pixel dimensions of the video (PAL to NTSC would result in dropping some pixels, and NTSC to PAL would have to make some up)
  5. directorlca

    Rewind PAL tape in NTSC Camera

    It shouldn't matter. It's just winding up a thin plastic-type thing. . . an experiment might be in order!
  6. directorlca

    Putting video on the web

    MPEG 1 might be a good choice. Although that filesize would be bigger than MPEG4. MPEG2 might actually be much bigger depending on the bitrate they choose. MPEG4 is the best choice in my opinion. Windows media on a mac is not and was never a good idea. . . heh. IMO, windows media is good if you...
  7. directorlca

    PAL, NTSC and QT question

    Final cut pro will convert any video from NTSC to PAL, and vice versa FREE. Cash doesn't make it the best solution. . . (Choose export, quicktime, then at the bottom you can change your options from NTSC to PAL, or whatever you want) No need to spend money. I'd recommend: in Final cut go to...
  8. directorlca

    it's time for a new independent movie industry

    This whole idea of creating a new independent movie industry is pretty cool, but I think it might need to embrace the facts of today: Digital cameras means there's a LOT more access to equipment, making a DVD hasn't been easier, and there's a lot of people out there that want to create. a lot...
  9. directorlca

    How to capture time-lapse from DV (firewire)?

    also, not sure if this is relevent to your camera, but some come with an interval recording feature, where the camera records 1 second ever 30 seconds or a variation. . . if your camera can do that, it definetly saves tape!
  10. directorlca

    Windows Or Mac???

    As far as the processors go, if you can start on a G4, do that.
  11. directorlca

    urgent: mp3 -> minidv tape

    itunes can convert mp3 to aiff, just make sure your import settings are set for AIFF, then pick the track and convert to AIFF. . . that's a free way to do it. Or if you have quicktime pro you can export it to AIFF real easy.
  12. directorlca

    Camera buying

    I use a Sony DCR-VX2100, and love it. Great quality, none of the framerate feature that other 3CCD cameras offer, but if all you need is a great quality camera, I'd check out the VX2100.
  13. directorlca

    Anyone ever create a time laps video? there it is. . . forgot the ".html" part. . . hehe
  14. directorlca

    Anyone ever create a time laps video?

    I enjoy doing timelapses. My camera has a feature called interval recording (timelapse) so it will record half a second every minute, or every 30 seconds, or 5minutes, whatever, pretty nice, and doesn't eat up a tape too easily! you can check out some timelapses that I've done if you'd like...
  15. directorlca

    Finish on DVD, Capture on . . .?

    if it's just for living rooms/home theaters, you could get away with HDV, but HD would be best. We'll see what this next year's round of new cameras and formats brings us, maybe 10 new versions of a high resolution digital format? Heh, who knows! hopefully the dvd wars will be resolved (blue...
  16. directorlca

    desktop or laptop?

    I'd go with the G5 as well. Lot more power.
  17. directorlca

    what format, what format?

    I think the DVX100a would do a good job, and it does 24P too, which if you do it right could be really really cool. As Shaw mentioned, NAB is just around the corner, this one should be very interesting.
  18. directorlca


    Wow. That's awesome. :cheers:
  19. directorlca

    Firewire VCR?

    Is this what you're looking for?
  20. directorlca

    which computer/camera???in need of help!

    There's also the option of getting a cheaper mac, say teh imac G5, or if you're REALLY on a budget get an emac or mac mini. . . but if you get a mac, the G5 is very necessary if you plan on doing any serios HD. . . I have an emac, and it does everything I need it to.