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    UK People?

    Hi. I’m in West Sussex. Im looking at collaborating with people to make short films to build a team with the intention of then making a feature film. id love to help on other people’s sets too but I’m a wheelchair user so it’s easier for me to get people involved in my sets rather than me...
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    Who is from the U.K.

    Oh my goodness, exactly what we are going to need. My post production skills aren’t the greatest, and the editor I’m thinking of using is amazing, but he’s deaf, so we would need a sound post production too.
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    Who is from the U.K.

    Hey. Wondered who is from the U.K. especially south east. I’m in West Sussex. I am wanting to get back into filmmaking and looking to network with other filmmakers locally. Help out on your shots. Get you involved in mine. Share ideas. Etc.
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    directing Locations

    Depends on whether you’re planning to film all the scenes in the same house. For example, you might be planning on filming a children’s room, and your perfect house just doesn’t have one, so you’re filming the children’s room scene in a different house. That’s a new location to me. For me, new...
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    misc What inspired you to become a filmmaker?

    I’ve been making films since I was a kid. I used to bury my Lego and playmobile figures in dirt to do stop motion avalanche films, and i would make film products for school. I studied media and wanted to make films. Then I stupidly went into teaching. I kept trying to squash my passion but...
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    pre-pro Your Next Project

    After years of trying to have a ‘sensible’ job in teaching, and trying to ignore my inner voice telling me I should be making films, I decided to finally follow my dreams. I did my masters in screenwriting a couple years ago and planned to go down the producer route working for companies...
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    Special FX - Spray Painting a Car

    We don't need to actually see the person spraying the car. We need someone who walks to his car see the spray paint and we want it to look like spray paint, not like it's been painted on with a brush. Thanks 2001 productions. I've never heard of that brand (I'm in the uk) but will look it up.
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    Hi. I am new on this forum (obviously, or I wouldn't be writing this). I am going to be filming my first feature film next summer, working in collaboration with my best friend. I am mainly here to get advice from people and to share experiences and all that.
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    Special FX - Spray Painting a Car

    Hi. We need to have a shot in a film where there is spray paint on a car, either on the windscreen or on the paintwork, don't matter where. But we don't want to actually damage the car. It's my dad's car, you see. We were thinking about getting some sort of plastic or something but can anyone...