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    Who Needs Enemies (2013)

    Hi guys, thanks for all the support you've given throughout the years, it's been invaluable. Here is my finished no-budget film on sale in US. Hope you support the cause and add it to you DVD collection. Many thanks DS
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    Can I claim a cinematography credit?

    My DOP has signed the DOP contract and I am the director, however 80% of all shots and lighting were my decision. He helped assist lighting and shot a lot on B-cam but the 'look' of the film is mine therefore I feel like I should claim credit for it with him. So both of us get Cinematography...
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    Can low production budget effect a deal?

    Just a bit worried at the moment. We have a couple of interested parties in our film but they do not know what the budget was - when my producer asked one how much they think, he estimated 3million. The truth is it was a no-budget production made for under 25k. When they find this out could it...
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    Talks with a distributor.

    Hi, A smallish distributor wants to hold an exhibit for our film, all expenses paid, in front of cinema screen representatives (to see how many screens he can get our film in), however he gave us the impression that he doesn't want to sign a deal until the outcome of this screen-er. My...
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    When to give actors a copy of the film?

    Hi, we just finished a private screening of our feature film for cast and crew which went well. Now actors are requesting a copy of the DVD for themselves. Not sure if we should give them a copy before an official release or not. What's the norm in this case. Thanks for your help. Regards Dr...
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    Who Needs Enemies (teaser)

    Our first full feature shot on a hacked GH2.
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    watch Who Needs Enemies (teaser)

    Full feature shot on a Panasonic GH2 with Canon 5D B-camming. Alot of compression later the sound quality isn't great. Trailer yet to come but in the meantime...
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    Anyone know the film??

    I saw a western years back on TV and totally forgot the name and when I try and explain it nobody I know has seen or heard of it. It's so illusive I'm starting to think I dreamt it. It's about a retired gunslinger who lives a quiet life as a blacksmith (or some profession of the like) until he...
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    Exporting Sony Vegas AAF files to DP8

    My sound mixer says he opened the AAF file in digital performer 8 and there is no audio or video. Is there a way to export my feature film from Vegas 11 to digital performer 8?
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    Getting rid of interlacing lines

    I accidentally shot a scene in 1080i and it looks awful but I cannot re-shoot. When I render the footage it has all sorts of lines that I cannot seem to be rid of, no matter what render setting I try. Also, this is a different issue but when framing an active mobile phone screen there are...
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    Using clips of other films in my film...

    I have an idea to have a character watching 'White Heat' on his sitting room TV with James Cagney delivering the famous line "Top of the world, ma!". Do I need clearance for this and if so how can I go about getting it? My character Ad libbed the line later in the movie; is this also allowed as...
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    Paying a sound guy for half a day??

    We have a shoot soon that requires only one scene for a three hour shoot, so this is under half a day but he still wants his full days rate, spouting something about same price for renting equipment. Is this common or should we pay him half the rate?
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    Mixiung 25i and 24p

    I accidentally recorded 1080i on my gh2 which shows up as 25fps interlaced on my comp. Not an expert in this field but can I still use with the rest of my 24p footage in editing or do I need to convert todays footage or something?
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    Weird strobing effect...

    I recorded a scene on GH2 and accidently had the shutter speed set at 60 which caused these weird horizontal effect, I'm sure you know what I mean, I've seen it on many dslr. I just want to know if there's any post production method to get rid of it? The scene is really well acted and would be a...
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    Still photographer

    We just got a still photographer on set taking photos but wondering who owns the photos?? is there an agreement we need to come to terms on?
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    Replacing an actor during a shoot.

    We are four days into shooting and are unhappy with the performance of a lead role. On top of that we are not too keen on him as a person so we are considering dropping him. I can save his acting with clever editing but is it not worth just re shooting his scenes and could I still use his OTS...
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    How to make a knife handle stick out from the chest?

    I have bought two of the same knife, one with blade and the other without, just the handle so I can make it look plunged into the chest. Just wondering what technique to use to make it stick? Any suggestions?:huh:
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    Sound recordist agreement.

    For hiring a location sound mixer for our feature shoot. We've agreed a price and now I want to get it on paper. Anyone know where I can grab one - a template of one?
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    Best GH2 patches for filmmaking?

    There are so many out there I just don't know where to begin. Obviously it is for narrative story-telling so 24p is what I mainly use but 60p would be used on occational slo-mo too. Plus Ex Tele mode should be working too. I have a 64gb 95mbps SD. What I really want is one that plays back on...
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    Sound recordist working on multiple jobs??

    Hi, my sound recordist contacted my after I sent him the call sheets and he says that my schedule is too sporadic for his schedule to work on other jobs. I asked about the 'other jobs' and he told me that he always works on about three projects at one time. This to me sounds dangerous an I...