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  1. MooreEnt24

    music Film Score Themes & Variations (for Filmmakers)

    I thought I'd share with all of you one of my "theme development sketch projects" that I use to explore ideas in preparation for a feature film score. In this case, it was the score for "Go Fish" (2019), an animated feature film ( This project contains...
  2. MooreEnt24

    music The Age of Flight | Retro Disney Score & Graphics

    Thought you guys might appreciate addition to writing the music, I created a lot of retro "ride film" graphics to go along with it:
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    watch Laundry Night [Micro-Short]

    A short horror film warning you to never do your laundry...ever.
  4. MooreEnt24

    Composer for Hire (Realistic Orchestral)

    Need an original score for your Short Film, Student Film, Trailer or Sizzle Reel? Contact me at I offer original film scores of all sizes and genres and can take your project to a whole new level and achieve that bold, Hollywood sound. I use high-end Sample Libraries that...
  5. MooreEnt24

    watch Pulp-Adventure VFX Short

    This is a fun VFX project I started in July of 2012. It's taken a LONG time to get it done and we're finally uploading it this July. It's basically a VFX reel roughly constructed like a trailer with all that pulpy goodness! (jungles, CG airplanes, matte paintings, fight scenes, etc) We shot it...
  6. MooreEnt24

    watch Ghostbusters Fan Film (Bustin' Makes Me Feel Good)

    This is a short Ghostbusters fan film my buddy and I shot and put together in a week! Lots of VFX work
  7. MooreEnt24

    watch JAWS - A Fan Film

    This is a hysterically bad JAWS fan film I made when I was around 10 years old. (Regrettably, I may have actually been 13...not sure) It's basically the first film, but staggered and condensed down to the bullet points of the bullet points of the log line. However, aside from the bad acting...
  8. MooreEnt24

    watch Click to Play (Comedy Web Series)

    Just released this for Christmas! "Click to Play" follows Melissa as she returns home from college and old high school rivalries are rekindled. Hope you enjoy - it's something a little different from my channel. Happy Holidays!
  9. MooreEnt24

    watch Click to Play [Comedy Web Series]

    "Click to Play" is a comedy web series that I started with some friends. It's very much in style of "30 Rock" and "Seinfeld" but with a modern twist. We're releasing the pilot this Christmas and I've posted a special sneak preview link. Enjoy!
  10. MooreEnt24

    watch The Laughing Window [35mm Short Thriller]

    Struggling writer, Richard Porter, is facing a deadline that could change his life. Huddled away in his dark, murky apartment, Richard sweats over the last few pages of his novel, one that has the opportunity to become published. But, in the midst of his poorly timed writer's block, he is faced...
  11. MooreEnt24

    watch The Stink - A Halloween Short

    Something smells . . . bad.
  12. MooreEnt24

    watch GWS Films

    I'm an all around movie, music and tech nerd. I love making films just as much as I love watching them. I thought I'd post some of my favorite/best work for you guys to check out, if you so desire. I also have TONS of behind the scenes clips, etc. (But I won't crowd this post with them.)...
  13. MooreEnt24

    watch "Vengeance" (A High School Noir)

    This is a short film I made when I was in high school. It was my first venture into "long form" narrative and, despite its many flaws, I find it fun and charming to watch. (Especially the fact that the actors voices change halfway through the movie...)...
  14. MooreEnt24

    watch "Red Ink" (BlackBoxTV)

    I was hired to direct an episode of BlackBoxTV on YouTube. Should be coming out soon, here's some behind the scenes sneak peeks! More videos coming soon to my channel, GWSFilms. I'm very excited about it :D
  15. MooreEnt24

    watch It's Closer Than You Think...

    An environmental PSA I made for my cinema production class...
  16. MooreEnt24

    watch Total Eclipse (A Horror Short)

    A merciless killer. Three missing girls. A total lunar eclipse. This is a short horror film we shot last summer in Illinois. It was shot on the Canon 5D mark ii and only cost $200 to make. We shot it all in one day from 9AM to midnight. The short...
  17. MooreEnt24

    watch VIPER (A Hitchcockian Thriller)

    The Viper is coming... A lone criminal, hiding in a safe house, is terrorized by a mysterious caller. This short film draws inspiration from the cinematic stylings of Alfred Hitchcock, Steven Spielberg and 'The Twilight Zone.' This short was shot...
  18. MooreEnt24

    watch "Rock 'Em Dead" (A Rockin' Horror Short)

    Oldie but a....goodie? This is the last movie I made in high school and I'm not sure how I feel about it. However, most people seem to enjoy its camp nature and it's definitely full of some fun "one-liners." After making a deal he soon regrets, teen metal head, Nick Martin finds himself stuck...
  19. MooreEnt24

    "Rock 'Em Dead" (The "rock-zomb-edy")

    Back in 2007, I created a short horror-comedy entitled, "Rock 'Em Dead." Since then, it has received several awards at video festivals, as well as an Honorable Mention from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in 2008. It has even received an IMDB page through...