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  1. MooreEnt24

    Comment by 'MooreEnt24' in media 'Infinitus Short Film'

    Wow, this is was fantastic! Hell of a visual talent.
  2. VIPER | GWSFilms

    VIPER | GWSFilms

    A lone criminal, hiding in a safe house, is terrorized by a mysterious caller. Directed by George Streicher.
  3. MooreEnt24

    score Favorite Active Film Composers?

    Bruce Broughton. Look him up.
  4. MooreEnt24

    music The strength of music

    Music effects editing, scale, tone and even performance. It's every bit as important as the lens you choose and the lighting you choose. It can make or destroy your film. So use it wisely and respect it deeply. The only example of the "power of music in film" you'll ever need to see:
  5. MooreEnt24

    score How Do You Find Composers?

    Reach out to any of the many top music schools in the country. They ALL have film music courses / departments. Berklee, USC Thornton School of Music, Juliard, etc. They are all dying to write scores for short films for little to no pay. Everyone - like filmmakers - is looking for a reel. Also...
  6. MooreEnt24

    music Film Score Themes & Variations (for Filmmakers)

    I thought I'd share with all of you one of my "theme development sketch projects" that I use to explore ideas in preparation for a feature film score. In this case, it was the score for "Go Fish" (2019), an animated feature film ( This project contains...
  7. MooreEnt24

    music The Age of Flight | Retro Disney Score & Graphics

    Thank you!! For those interested, I made a breakdown of the graphics and the stems here:
  8. MooreEnt24

    music The Age of Flight | Retro Disney Score & Graphics

    Thought you guys might appreciate addition to writing the music, I created a lot of retro "ride film" graphics to go along with it:
  9. MooreEnt24

    watch Laundry Night [Micro-Short]

    A short horror film warning you to never do your laundry...ever.
  10. MooreEnt24

    Composer for Hire (Realistic Orchestral)

    Need an original score for your Short Film, Student Film, Trailer or Sizzle Reel? Contact me at I offer original film scores of all sizes and genres and can take your project to a whole new level and achieve that bold, Hollywood sound. I use high-end Sample Libraries that...
  11. MooreEnt24

    watch Pulp-Adventure VFX Short

    Thank you :) I just finished putting together this cool VFX Before & After breakdown, too. Kinda shows where all the work was with mattes, CG, etc. Fun stuff!
  12. MooreEnt24

    watch Pulp-Adventure VFX Short

    Thanks for checking out the teaser, everyone! Here's the final VFX short/concept trailer. Check it out: Thanks for the support!
  13. MooreEnt24

    watch Pulp-Adventure VFX Short

    This is a fun VFX project I started in July of 2012. It's taken a LONG time to get it done and we're finally uploading it this July. It's basically a VFX reel roughly constructed like a trailer with all that pulpy goodness! (jungles, CG airplanes, matte paintings, fight scenes, etc) We shot it...
  14. MooreEnt24

    watch The Laughing Window [35mm Short Thriller]

    Thanks for checking it out! Hoping to continue making shorts and breaking out of the thriller/horror genre. Do you have any suggestions for what festivals I should submit it to? I'm debating whether or not I should.
  15. MooreEnt24

    Directors, what's the worst thing that's ever happened on set?

    I had some bad things happen with the art department on a film I shot last year. Basically, I showed up to the stage the day before we were going to shoot and NOTHING was built. We basically had an entire apartment set yet to be constructed. Luckily, the next morning, they happened to have one...
  16. MooreEnt24

    watch The Laughing Window [35mm Short Thriller]

    Thanks for your review! That's one of my problems with it personally, I felt it was missing something. I feel I should have taken it in the direction of a more supernatural short, would have been more interesting. I'm glad you enjoyed the color version :)
  17. MooreEnt24

    watch The Laughing Window [35mm Short Thriller]

    Here's the "Twilight Zone" version of the same short. I personally like it better :)
  18. MooreEnt24

    watch Ghostbusters Fan Film (Bustin' Makes Me Feel Good)

    I'll guarantee you it wouldn't have been nearly as funny without the build up. You've got to earn the punch line! ;)
  19. MooreEnt24

    watch The Laughing Window [35mm Short Thriller]

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Check out The Laughing Window, now LIVE on YouTube GWS Films! :D
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    watch Ghostbusters Fan Film (Bustin' Makes Me Feel Good)