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  1. Jooble

    Reel/Website 2014

    Hey, Been about 4-5 years scince I done a reel so decided it was time for an update. Its mostly stuff ive done professionally as a roto prep artist. Hope you enjoy.
  2. Jooble

    Fusion 7, A Change of tide in the sotware game?

    So recently Fusion 7 (a compositing program) by Blackmagic has been rebranded and there are two versions, 1 Free version and 2 Studio Version. Now tbh most people unless you are a high end studio wont notice the difference. This is intresting because it looks like Fusion 7 is placed inbetween...
  3. Jooble

    How to choose a good Monitor for Image Processing

    Hey, So im on holiday now and with the girlfriend away, no work, and waiting for my PS4 i decided to start a blog for the first time and done what has turned out to be a big post on how to choose a monitor (coz im a massive nerd). It goes fairly deep, im intrested to see if anyone finds this...
  4. Jooble

    Screenwriting forum?

    Hey other than here im looking for some places to read some scripts (prefer shorts) to help spark my own ideas and help with writing. Are there any suggestions of forums where people post there own scripts for feetback etc? Thanks
  5. Jooble

    Dark Knight Rises - Preperation

    Any 1 as excited as me to see this movie?! I plan to see it at least 3 times... 1st the day it comes out in the morning, then ive booked to see it at the BFI Imax then Ill see it again with my girlfriend. cant wait :D. Any one else made these kind of plans (secret cinema, imax, 1am...
  6. Jooble

    Premiere DSLR Native

    Hey, Has any one edited DSLR native h.264 on premiere cs5/5.5 without using mercury playback engine? How smooth does it playback and can it playback an edit smooth full res (no fx)? I ask because ive got a new comp core i7 2700k with 16gb ram but have an ATI gfx card. Cheers
  7. Jooble

    watch Short Film: Wireless (48hr London Sci-fi entry 2012)

    6 crew, 3 actors, no budget, made start to finish within 48hrs for the London Sci-fi film festival this is what we made... Love to hear what you think :)
  8. Jooble

    CS6 production premium

    Hey, Have not seen a thread on this but thought id shout out and link CS6: Looking good :D
  9. Jooble

    Lightworks NLE

    Hey, Has any one tried the open source beta of LightWorks (non linear editor)? Its been used to edit some pretty high profile stuff such as 'The kings Speech' and 'Shutter Island'. It looks very interesting as its FREE and still being developed with. From what I understand it will stay free and...
  10. Jooble

    My Life in FCP

    Thought this was pretty amusing, called 'My Life in FCP', check it out:
  11. Jooble

    watch Foresight

    Hey just finished a 2:09 short intended for the Virgin Media Shorts contest and would appreciate any feedback here or on the comments boards. The synopsis is: "A man finds some glasses which gives him the ability to see something very unusual. But what does it all mean?" You can find it on...