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    watch Batman inspired 5 minute short film, Wayne (2009)

    hmmm... this seems almosts like a mix between Scorsese's "Taxi driver" and batman.... Although I did like that the character actually had a job and works... makes him seem more... Normal? i guess?
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    Looking for constructive criticism for screen play pitch

    Try to compare your movie to other famous movies during your pitch.
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    Part of my new screenplay, what do you guys think?

    Here is my new screenplay, please if there is anything that you notice wrong please let me know... Thanks guys! AARON BLACK (V.O.) America is a stable country filled with very unstable people. So, how do we fix this problem?... You go after the unstable people, thing is, that’s easier said...
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    watch Enigma: Behind the Scenes!

    Wow! Amazing! It's very clear that you two poured your heart and soul into this film, and that is another thing that will make this film excellent! I hope you all go far, I mean- whyshouldn't you if you're going to be filmmaking like this! Good luck to you all!