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    IMPORTANT: green screen setup

    Someone experience in DIY for quality green screen setup, please have a look: Green Screen setup sketch: This is my room length. I have done my own backdrop: Room: Below images are the equipments that I have now...
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    legal problem exposing success story of other company in detail on tv show?

    If you produce a tv show exposing the success story of other companies in detail is that can cause any legal problem. What i mean detail is - Explaining everything what have been happening in the famous company from beginning till now :huh:
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    If you want to shoot tv show in bus terminal what kind permissions you should ask?

    Please let me know the type of legal permissions I need to ask before shoot a tv show in bus terminal. any permit needed? :huh:
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    In TV show business Which brings biggest profit in sources of revenue?

    - Commercial breaks - Companies that participating in the show - selling DVD - syndication - international release Anything else? :)
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    when co-produce a tv show with another company, what type clause important in the ...

    when co-produce a tv show with another company, what type clause important in the agreement? :huh:
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    What are the reasons someone co-produce a tv show with tv show production company?

    What are the reasons someone co-produce a tv show with tv show production company? anyone know? :huh:
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    checklist: Who are in your tv show crew/team?

    Creaw Team: - Producer - Host - Writer - Camera man - editor - Makeup sponsor - Costume sponsor Other questions: - Anyone else you had in your crew? - How much you paid each person for your first pilot? :huh:
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    Tv show producers find the advertisers for commercial breaks??

    1- If our production company find the advertisers for commercial breaks for our own tv show, is that the profit will be high?? 2- Can we build a team to find advertisers for our show and share profits with tv network? can we do business like that with tv network?? Anyone know some information...
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    In tv network to whom you will pitch your show pilot?

    I will pitch my tv show to who in tv network? what are their company positions?? Please answer another question too: - What kind questions they will ask when I am pitching them?? :huh:
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    In a Tv program how many times there will be comercials?

    When you shoot a tv show do you need to give time for commercials, is there any rules to follow? any idea on how to handle commercials on tv shows? :huh:
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    What is the Capital required to do 1 episode like reality show "Profit"?

    I know you cannot say the exact amount or budget, but can anyone please enlighten me and give an approximate amount? :huh:
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    What should be in presentation deck when you pitch your show to tv network?

    Pitch Presentation Deck Content: 1- About The show 2- Market- (being specific about Target audience) 3- Team/crew & Sponsors 4- Business Model - How it makes money 5- Financial projections - How the network can make money 6- Marketing strategy Can I use this deck to pitch a deal with the t.v...
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    What type deal will be attractive for the tv network?

    Hello this will be my 1st post :) I have Mini MBA course in online, we charge 2000 dollars to learn the course in few months, In future we want to provide investment for the talented entrepreneurs in return of few % equity of their company. Beside Mini MBA course i want to produce a business...
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    at last I found a great forum! :D

    Hello I am Arun run Shamala from Phil. Hope to learn new things here and share my knowledge too. tc :lol: