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    The Problem with dark humour

    The film Death became her was on TV yesterday evening. And I’ve to say… gosh! I lay on the ground by all these funny jokes. Ok. It was pretty dark humour. But hey! It was GOOD dark humour. So, now my question is: Why do modern films sucks when they use dark humour? And how can I create jokes...
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    I tried a new script; please, critique it
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    I wrote another script; please, critique it

    I wrote another short film script. Please, critique it.
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    Plot problem because of topic

    Hi, guys! I’m working on a superhero project. It’s about teens, whose parents are superheroes. Those kids go together to a high school. (I know I told a lot about this.) But I can’t always tell about the teen’s problems. That’d be more a telenovela. Am I right? And I can’t let them fight at the...
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    Critique my screenplay try
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    Villains. One of the most important characters, if you would ask me. I mean, can you imagine Luke Skywalker without Darth Vader? Or Batman without Joker? I think you answer is “No!”. In one of my old projects, the ghost of a woman hires one of the main characters to find her murderer. Is it...
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    A teaser problem

    Hey, Guys! I’m working on a story. In this one, the police officer is hired by a woman. Later, this woman tells him (in his office) that she died a year ago. The problem is that the script is for a TV show idea, which I’m planning to write. Now the big trouble is the teaser. I need a good hook...
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    A memorable story - what is needed?

    Because I have a writer’s block by the horror film idea, I reactive an old project. You know! The X-files-like series idea. I have some ideas for it. And the main story is character driven. So, now my problem is I have no awesome idea for a first episode. (No pilot episode!) I don’t wanna steal...
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    Keeping viewer curious - any tip?

    Game of Thrones is one of the best TV shows ever; if you’re looking for good storytelling. There is no clear story structure. There is always surprise! I mean, for example, in Scooby Doo, you know what happens next. But that ain’t good for a successful idea. The viewer has to being kept curious...
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    How can I write horror without disgust

    So, I finished my characters and their obstacles (character arc). Now my question is: How do I write horror with less blood and disgust. I mean, I wanna watch a horror movie. I don’t wanna stay barfing in the corner. That’s very seldom in the horror genre. How do I do that?
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    My (male) character’s background

    Hey, guys! Since I told you about my idea, I changed a lot. For example, my female protagonist’s name isn’t Luna anymore. Now I decide its Mara. – But that’s not important for this thread yet. I also created a background story for the character Raymond. I want to know if it’s cheesy now. (Yah...
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    My horror movie idea (Yah! I know I have to write but I need critique first.)

    Yah! Write, write and write! But how can I write if the story already exists or is just dumb? So, I wanna tell you the rough story of my horror film idea: Luna, a vampire, and her best friend (the Warlock is her best friend) and Warlock Raymond are asked by Remus, a werewolf, a rebel and...
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    Story's basic

    Hi gals and guys (!), Yah! I know. The most of you’ll say, “First write a script, then post!”. But this time I don’t want to ask about any tips. Today, I wanna share a little recipe – more or less –, which helped me to get some ideas down: Goal + motivation + conflict + lie + need = Awesome...
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    Is this idea good enough for science fiction?

    At the moment, I got so many projects that I couldn’t count them. One of them belongs to the science fiction genre. (Because of spaceships, aliens and that other stuff.) Now in this universe the spaceships are boosted by crystals. My idea is that they’re more than just gas. I thought about that...
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    dig up an old project

    This weekend I had my creative flow on superheroes. So, I decided to dig up an old project. The superhero web series. But I haven’t any idea what could happen. I have my series’ world, but not what could happen each episode. In VGHS (what’s one of my inspiration sources) they are trained to...
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    Urgh! Got double standard users in my school - what do you thnk?

    I don’t know if you know this situation. But sometimes I hate my classmates for their double standards. No joke! Many of them are really a piece of sh***. For example, today, I hear so “wonderful” patters like, “Hey! How stupid are you actually” or “Why do you want to make skip the lessons by...
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    Some ideas for my mystery web series - please, critique them!

    I told you that I’m planning a mystery web series á la X-files. And I got many ideas by asking the question “What would never happen?”. Yep! So, easy. But so easy it sounds, so easy it can be shit. I want to ask you, which the following ideas do you like and why? How can I make them better? Or...
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    DaVinci Resolve - simple slide show

    Although I got HitFilm, I’m gonna use DaVinci Resolve for the slideshow. And there is the problem! I wanna create a simple one á la Movie Maker without any animation. So, how can I avoid animations? Or aren’t they automatically there?
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    Is Final Draft so good like everyone tells?

    I use Celtx for writing screenplays. (I like it because it’s for free.) And I wrote some screenplays with this program already. But so many writers say that Final Draft is the best one you can find! So, should I invest in this software? I mean, it’s the industry standard! However, $250 are very...
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    Hitfilm pictures in picture?

    I create a slideshow for the graduate ceremony. (The other student need a background.) You know I use the software “HitFilm”. And I got the question: can HitFilm create a pictures-in-picture-thing. And if “Yes” how? I need this for someone, who makes a dance á la 70s disco. P.S.: I don’t make...