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    Who is from the U.K.

    Hey. Wondered who is from the U.K. especially south east. I’m in West Sussex. I am wanting to get back into filmmaking and looking to network with other filmmakers locally. Help out on your shots. Get you involved in mine. Share ideas. Etc.
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    Hi. I am new on this forum (obviously, or I wouldn't be writing this). I am going to be filming my first feature film next summer, working in collaboration with my best friend. I am mainly here to get advice from people and to share experiences and all that.
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    Special FX - Spray Painting a Car

    Hi. We need to have a shot in a film where there is spray paint on a car, either on the windscreen or on the paintwork, don't matter where. But we don't want to actually damage the car. It's my dad's car, you see. We were thinking about getting some sort of plastic or something but can anyone...