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    Any ideas on finding quiet place to record post audio?

    Hi Guys, I'm wondering if you have any good ideas. So I'm currently collecting & recording additional sound effects for my short film. New York tends to be very noisy, and I'm having a problem finding a quiet place to record sounds effects. Any ideas on good, cheap locations? A friend of mine...
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    Audio equipment Rental in NYC

    Hey fellas! Currently in post prod, I need to get quite a few number of sound fx & ambient, some of them sync ( like foot steps). I actually decided it would be better to rent the equipment for a week, rather than spurlging on buying. Do you guys know of any good place in NYC where I could...
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    Basic sound kit for foley & etc

    Hi, I'm currently in postprod atm, and realized that I need to grab extensive amount of foley sounds. There's no dialogue in it, but I would like to capture outdoor ambient, footsteps, whispers, humming. So it looks like I would need mic for outdoor & indoor usage. I've debated on hiring a...
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    How to deal with flakes

    Hey Guys, How do you deal with flakes? I have a sound guy who just disappeared after I paid him. I need the recorded files, but he wont return my calls and emails. Should I have wrote some kind of contract? This was done through verbal agreement, I got his invoices, but no agreements.
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    Steadycam rate

    What's a typical dayrate for a steadycam operator w/ equipment? We're using a dslr, so we dont need a heavy-weight capacity rig.
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    Location Release

    Do I need the location owner to sign the location release when... 1. I'm approach them prior to the shoot? or 2. On the day of the shoot? I need to shoot in a thrift shop for a day. Should I approach them w/ $ to see if I can have the owner to close shop for 2~3hrs for the shoot? location...
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    benefits of hiring a DP

    I'm currently knee deep in preproduction for my first short. I'm trying to slim-down & pre-plan as much as possible to minimize chaos when the shoot begins. Since this is also the first time working w/ talents ( actor & sound mixer ), I was planning to take the role of DP/CO as well. It just...
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    Different Watt bulb for light kit

    Can I just buy multiple bulbs with different wattage & switch them out, depending on situations? For ex, my Lowel Pro light cam with 500w bulb, can I put in 200w? or will that make the light warmer, screwing up the white balance?
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    Shooting 4:3 with 60D

    Is there a way to shoot 4:3 ratio on 24 fps on Canon 60D? ( I assume it works in a similar way as 7D & 5D ) I only see 1920x1080 for 24. Or are we supposed to just shoot in 16:9 & crop in post?
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    Frame rate & Iso for DSLR

    Let me know if I got this wrong... frame rate setting on DSLR determines how blurry fast action would record. & iso setting mainly used to compensate lighting situation. ie using high iso for low light. & using native iso reduces noise. Am I horribly wrong about this? Also, is there an...
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    Cheap Fabrication Service

    Do you guys know of any cheap fabrication shops in NY? I need to metal pet cage, around 30x20in; should be a simple job for a welder, x-ing couple of thin metal rods together. where can I go to get something like that made cheap/fast?
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    Sexy Shoulder Mounts

    Found a list of bunch of shoulder mounts: Have you guys used any of those? Most are kinda out of my $ range, but VZ 1 shooter looks pretty promising... Is it normal for shoulder mounts to cost upwards of $500+?
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    Recommended All Fluorescent Light Kit

    I was thinking about going w/ Lowel DV 44 kit, but I just hate the heat output ( & wattage issue ) of halogen lights. Do you guys have any all fluorescent kit recommendation? Is it harder to work w/ fluorescent lights?
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    DIR/DP/CO combo

    How many of you guys share director/DP/camera op duties? How uncommon is it? Is that just too much to handle at once? I wonder if I should just focus on direction, but I also do like working with a camera. Also, sorry if this is another oft-asked question: is there a good analysis +...
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    Should I buy a separate audio recorder w/ 60D?

    About to order 60D... I read in the review that it has manual audio control; Does this mean I can just run the mic to the camera? Or is this route still yield unusable audio? Is it better to just get a digi-recorder and sync in post? :)
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    C Stand Alternative for China ball

    Instead of spending couple of hundred bucks for proper c stand, is there a lightweight, readymade alternative? It's mostly for china ball, buuut I guess I might use for securing mic as well... I've found something like this:
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    non-dialogue sound

    How do I format non-dialogue sound in a script? Is that considered part of "action"? like... EXT. FOREST. DAY. Sound of thunder & heavy wind. Boy looks up nervously. or Should I make a new heading? EXT. FOREST. DAY. ( Sound: Thunder + Heavy wind. ) Boy looks up nervously.
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    Lens Adaptor

    I have couple of old nikon lenses from 35mm still camera from my photography days; and I was wondering about getting an adaptor kit to fit those nikon lenses on a canon 60d or t2i. Has anyone done stuff like this? I wonder if there's any res loss... Maybe it's just better to buy canon lenses...