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    Plane or helicopter for aerial video

    Purely for fun, I'm looking to get an aeroplane or helicopter, to which a video camera can be attached. I've heard of tiny cmaeras weighing a few ounces that can capture HD and are dirt cheap too, but I'm pretty much clueless about these and the vehicle, so I'm asking for advice. Thanks.
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    Best poster-designing program

    I have Photoshop but learning even the basics takes so damn long that it's not worth the ag' - I'd honestly prefer to sketch, colour and then scan a picture than spend weeks attempting to colour the said sketch. I'm saying that so you can understand I don't want anything comlex. I'm looking...
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    Storyboard Quick

    This program got recommended to me the other day, but at over $200, I don't want to buy blindly. Does anyone have any experience using this? Is there a demo available somewhere (note: I've found a couple bu AVG blocked the downloads, so they couldn't have been genuine)?
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    Concerned Citizens

    Someone I know linked me to this site; I know he's involved with a film company and don't know if it's some advertising gimmick or story someone's put up for the sake of writing. It would be cool if it were real though:
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    Has anyone here ever applied for a BFI production grant?

    Exactly that: I'm looking for your stories and any advice you could offer on how to go about dealing with them. Thanks in advance.
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    The "Bullet Shot"

    Since I don't know if it has a bona fide title, the Bullet Shot is what I call the shot of a projectile in motion. We've all seen it in films: Keanu Reaves dodging a bullet, an arrow in flight, a ninja throwing star... it's where somebody unleashes the projectile and then the camera shifts to...
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    Sizzle reel: rights needed?

    I'm planning a sizzle reel to go online for a project and am wondering if I need to secure the rights to use clips/images from other films? I'm considering blending some of my own illustrations with comic art/anime and possibly using a song by a band I like... this all leads back to the...
  8. V - anyone used this?

    Exactly that. I came across this site today and was wondering if anyone's tried it... for $199 dollars, it seems way too good to be true, but does feature several posters of films which were made from the result of their budget! Anyway, if someone here has used it, please let us know (or me...
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    Jerome Courshon (distribution guru)

    Here's his site: The site looks like a con-job, but he has legitimate claims to knowing his sh*t. I've read Stacey Parks' book and it wasn't much use (to me) - she basically used to be a sales rep and talks about getting a star and sales rep. I only mention her...
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    My mind's blank

    I'm thinking of having a shot where it's filmed from over-head, with the camera on a track to follow a character's movement. Please note that this isn't some D.I.Y. job and I simply cannot remember the correct term for this, so came here for help. Thanks.
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    A question about Kickstarter

    It's an "all or nothing" site, in that if the producer fails to get 100% of the commited funds, he/she receives NONE. My question is: what happens to the donated money if the producer doesn't get it?
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    Most thriving film industries

    Since this is research for business, I'm putting the question here. As a part of my prospectus, I'd like information on which countries have the most prolific and/or thriving film industries. I'm going to have to ask for links as all data included in a prospectus requires sources for...
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    Actual film proposals which have earned pre-sales

    I'm looking for links, pdfs, samples, whatever, of film prospectuses that have been sent out to distributors and successfully earned financing/promises of purchase. I'm trying to go the pre-sales route to finance a feature and could really do with seeing a few successful proposals to check that...
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    Profit projections