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    watch New Blackmagic 4k Showreel

    Some great visuals there, really liked it - well done. :)
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    Nicholl Sad Face

    Yep, that's the power of the Nicholl. Congrads! :)
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    does a 7d eos look as good indoors as out?

    Depends on how you light the scene. The 7D is a crop sensor camera so is not as good in low light situations as a full sensor camera such as the Canon 6D.
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    Nicholl Sad Face

    A writer with two scripts in the semifinals of the Nicholl is a mark of compelling quality. Many top tier screenwriters have placed in the Nicholl semis but not further. Vince Gilligan, Breaking Bad showrunner and lead writer, being one. Well done OP. Having two scripts in the Nicholl Semis...
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    A7S and GH4 - what are your thoughts on them?

    If you need amazing low light capabilities go with an A7S. Otherwise, I would go with the GH4.
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    what lights are suitable for shooting film

    ...but what type of camera and lenses are you using? Sub-$3k DSLR or top end gear. I am assuming it will be budget gear - DSLR, correct? Micro-budget indie production gear is just that. TV shows/movies use gear (camera, lenses etc) that is 30x, even 100x and more the price. That gear is...
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    The Calm before the Storm (Short Film)

    Good effort. It's particularly tough completing a story of that nature with little budget. Well done. :)
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    How do I sell myself to talent agents?

    Not sure how much interest there is for acting talent in Saskatchewan, Canada? I know Canada is getting a lot less movies and TV shows than it used to, thanks to other areas now offering better tax incentives. Most of the Canada filming is in Vancouver and Toronto. Saskatchewan is many...
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    watch Awakening - An action short film

    Reminded me of a micro-budget Wanted. Well done on completing the short. I imagine the post production took longer than filming. Well done. The direct link:
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    watch nice to meet you (silent film / short)

    Personally, I think this would have been much better with dialogue. It's hard to pull off a silent film - the context and story have to be just right and relevant for it being silent. For me, you missed the mark there. Audio is a tough art to master but well worth the effort. Regardless...
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    watch My SF short film.

    You have plenty of potential. Sure the short was not perfect but it was good, well done. :)
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    watch Debut Feature Film

    Making a feature on a micro budget is tough. You did good. Imagine what you could have done if you actually had a decent budget! Keep filming. :)
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    watch My Team's New Demo Reel -- Feedback appreciated!!

    For a new team, some very impressive stuff going on there. Well done.
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    watch Missing-Mystery/Suspense

    The direct link: Agree with poster above. Lots of potential, nicely done. :)
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    watch Short Film OOGO

    Well done on completing your short. :) The generator in a poorly ventilated space could have been deadly for you all. Take care. The direct link:
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    Best Manfrotto Fluid Head

    The 502 is loved by many. It would be my preference.
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    watch Film shot by ONE GUY.

    Congratulations! Anyone who completes a short with a crew of under three, let alone one (!), deserves a huge W E L L D O N E! Plus I liked it, super job. :)
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    My favourite gear

    Some great recommendations on that list. I know film makers with some of that gear and they love it. :)
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    watch My first rogue 40 second movement/fashion film

    Visuals were great. :)
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    watch The Flight of the Flamingo (2013)

    Congrads. $10k can be spent in the blink of an eye in the film making world. Well done for completing a feature for that ultra low amount. :) p.s. Most of the shorts that get into Sundance cost well over $10k. The features, $2m+