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  1. sshahriyari

    website 3D Face Tracking

    a Simple And Powerful script for After Effects user. (coming soon) My other scripts are here :
  2. sshahriyari

    vfx Portal

    Hello guys. Please comment. thanks
  3. sshahriyari

    Saeed Shahriyari (Visual Effects Supervisor)

    Hello guys, (first of all, sorry for my bad english!) I'm Saeed Shahriyari. I started 3D Animation and Visual Effects Compositing when I was 17 years old (12 years ago). I have always loved my work and I would like to share my work with you to improve my ability with your comments. this is my...
  4. sshahriyari

    vfx tornado

    Hello everyone Please comment. thanks
  5. sshahriyari

    My Visual Effects Demo Reel 2016

    Hi gays, this is my last vfx demo reel : >>> comment plz. many thanks