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    cast Finding Child Actor

    In our area, there's specific actor groups for children. It might be different in your area.
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    diy Failed Projects

    Reminds me of many 48 hour projects I got involved with. I've always been liberal in getting involved with 48 hour projects. It's sometimes a nightmare but you figure out how to get it done as best you can. Outside the time issues, I always find there's no pressure. If it sucks, it people don't...
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    diy Failed Projects

    If I remember right, I had recently come off a directing gig that had turned into a post production nightmare. During pre production, I had a feeling it wasn't ready to move into production but it was only my second or third gig in the directing chair, so I wasn't sure my gut instinct was tuned...
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    diy Failed Projects

    There was this one project. Early on when I was directing, the producer who gave me my first directing break asked me to look at a script and see if I was interested in directing it. It was one of those "This is my story, I want to tell" I read it and passed on the project and wished her welll...
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    software Adobe Premier or Final Cut Pro ??

    That'd get an unhelpful answer. It depends. There's not enough information to give anything more than a wild guess.
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    software Adobe Premier or Final Cut Pro ??

    As a professional editor.. I can tell you without a doubt, Yes, those are two of the options. They're both decent options. So are other packages. There is no such thing as the best editing software.
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    misc Has anyone done an online course about filmmaking that was good?

    That inside the edit it a very good course, even if you're not into documentary editing. The hollywood camera work courses are top rate... though, if you think inside the edit is slow, you ain't seen nothing yet. It'll depend on what you're trying to learn. For instance, Stacey Parks had a lot...
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    link What you can buy for video editing?

    OMG. How did I miss that? It's not even a good website. I had to type in my credit card 4 times!
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    link What you can buy for video editing?

    Lots. But the answer you're looking for is license. Next time, try wording them in a way they make more sense as to what you're trying to ask. When you're asking about soft, it sounds like the solution you need is some viagra.
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    pre-pro IMDB Question

    It's been a while since I've used it, but there used to be a link that was like add new project. Click on it and fill in the appropriate details.
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    Hobby filmer needs help

    The big three used to be (in this order): Avid Final Cut Premiere Pro These days Final Cut has fallen out of favor and Resolve has snuck in there. I've been playing with Resolve a few times a week lately. It's a bit of a clunky mess but it's ok. > crop the picture...all that without making...
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    off-topic CovidTalk

    Are you going ok down there? I've been hearing that the supermarkets down there have been stripped bear once again.
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    picture My movie in collab with a nature photographer — asking for editing feedback

    I guess it's a lesson to learn. Most audiences don't get subtle. While it's not what you want to do in the high end, when learning to edit, be about as subtle as a sledge-hammer. Once you learn the art of getting the story across, learn how far you can push suggestion and implied storytelling...
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    picture My movie in collab with a nature photographer — asking for editing feedback

    It's going to sound harsh.... but.... It's not really an edit. It's more like a slideshow. A library of videos that doesn't matter what order they come in. I've done these kinds of things for clients before. About as intellectually stimulating as a peanut. No story. No nothing. Knock off a bunch...
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    computers Editing 4K video with 6 core 8750h 2.2ghz and 16gb ram MSI GS65 Stealth laptop

    I've edited 4k on lesser specs and had no issues... I've also edited 4k on way better specs and had nothing but lag. What you're editing has as much to do with editing performance as the resolution. In other words, resolution is just one parameter in the equation. I don't know anything about...
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    microphone Help!...Audio setup issues whilst shooting

    I haven't played with a Video Mic Pro before, but I do vaguely remember that they're not really shielded from RF signals. Try testing to see if you continue to hear the noise with everything else off and only connected directly into the camera. If you find that fixes it, try moving the...
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    pre-pro New Financing Plan for Short Film

    I'm now assuming this is some sort of passion project. How often do you put a project together? Just a perspective thing. The more you shoot, the more contacts you'll make. The more involved you get with other peoples passion projects, the more contacts you'll have for your own (no-budget)...
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    pre-pro New Financing Plan for Short Film

    Very good advice. Always my preferred option. Sometimes good people are busy. The amount of times I've heard this story in editing circles... They cheap out and pick the person based on what money they can afford. Sometimes it's compounded by, "They have my hard drives. How do I get my footage...
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    pre-pro New Financing Plan for Short Film

    There's a lot of good and bad advice in this thread. Take it all into consideration. I've worked on a few projects with this kind of budget range. My comments almost always move towards, your budget is in no-mans land. Too high for a no-budget but not enough to hire decent professionals (at...