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  1. Hammerstone

    watch The Lights of Seven Falls (fake trailer)

    Here is a video I made for a contest at work. I used a 35mm SLR camera and 3 rolls of Kodak film.
  2. Hammerstone

    Who says it has to be MOTION picture?

    I've read a lot of talk about how film is too costly for youtube videos. On one level, I agree, but as a purist, I won't use anything else. I have no money, and not even a working super 8 camera at the moment, let alone the budget to allow for processing/scanning of motion picture film; what I...
  3. Hammerstone

    Any love for miniseries here?

    I recently rewatched I, Claudius and was just astounded by how good it was. It's the best thing I've ever seen from the BBC. That's got me thinking of all the other great miniseries I've seen, like The Six Wives of Henry VIII, Band of Brothers, and Masada. The miniseries is such an epic...