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  1. Fwilly

    watch Yank Crime (School Short Film) I'd always wanted to make something to post here and I've finally made something! Any thoughts would be appreciated!
  2. Fwilly

    What After School?

    So I've really been thinking lately on what to do after getting a degree. What would be the next course of action into trying to start a career. If there was every a time to take risks it would be right out of college. Just been thinking about this a lot recently and wondered if anyone could...
  3. Fwilly

    Using True Stories

    So I recently have been reading a bunch of stories on the Internet (like someone telling a story of theirs not like articles or books) and thought it would be a kinda fun to reenact these stories but I was wondering if there would possible be any copyright violations or anything I could get in...
  4. Fwilly

    How to get past road blocks

    Whenever I have an idea and I start in my mind to work everything out I always run into something that makes me question the whole idea so much to the point that I never end up getting over that thing and finding a way around it. Sometimes I'll just not be able to think of a certain detail...
  5. Fwilly

    Last Second Power Source

    So I have a shoot tomorrow for a promo video for my friends club. I was all excited to use this new mic I got but it is my first mic that is xlr and needs a power source (Rode NTG-1). All I have is a zoom hn1 which has no xlr or phantom power. I have the adapter to take it down to the input...
  6. Fwilly

    Hard drive for my video

    So I have built up a lot of gigabytes of video over the years and now I only have 25 gigabytes of space left on my computer. So what I'm wondering is how to deal with it. I don't really want to just get rid of it because some of it is special to me (or maybe I'm just a hoarder). There are a...
  7. Fwilly

    Film Programs in Michigan?

    I live in Michigan and have been looking into colleges that have film schools. The one I have been looking at is Grand Valley. So is anyone on here from Michigan and knows anything about the film schools here. Especially if you have been to Grand Valley State. I have looked at out of state...
  8. Fwilly

    Film Group

    So I recently started a filmmaking club at my high school to get people who feel the same about it as me. The first meeting was way more successful then I would have ever guessed and 30 people showed up. I had a whole plan for about 8 people but I don't know how to start out with a 30 person...
  9. Fwilly

    Recording interior of car

    So my friends recently talked about making a podcast of our conversations in the car. I personally think it's kinda stupid but It's something that sounds kinda cool so I agreed. Now I don't know how to get our voices clearly. I have blue snowball with a shockmount, a blue yeti, and a rode...
  10. Fwilly

    Best external Storage

    I have almost filled up my hard drive with a whole bunch of videos. I was looking for a storage that can transfer data very fast, I don't really know whats a good rate for that. It would probably be in the 3 Terra byte kinda range. I don't really know what to look for as far as that goes.
  11. Fwilly

    Casting for first short

    So I am going to have to start casting for my first short. I don't really know how I should go about this because it is my first short, I am in high school, and my friends are not an option. I would use my friends but I am needing a middle age women and a bunch of really young kids. For those...
  12. Fwilly

    Outdoor lighting

    I have been planning out my short, and figured that most of the shots are outside. I want to get lighting perfect for it(still cheap though). So basically I'm asking what do you think I should ad to my list of stuff to buy. What should be my first priority. Also on a side note, what makes a good...
  13. Fwilly

    How do films make money

    So when I ask the question how do films make momey, I'm not talking about the kind of films that are in the theatre I'm talking about the ones that are almost strictly online. People seem to spend thousands of dollars on short films or feature films and I don't understand how they make a profit...
  14. Fwilly

    Hit Film Sale: hit film free

    Hit film is having a sale that includes a pretty damn good editor for free, this link is here jus thought I would spread the word, it ends February 4th so get a copy fast wether you really need it now or not, it's a good program to have
  15. Fwilly

    What do YOU think makes a movie interesting

    I have been trying to hone my writing skills per say and I was trying to find what makes a film interesting. It was pretty easy to Find that there's no "right" awnser to that question. So I ask you what keeps you interested in a film or short film. Both in the writing and visually on camera or...
  16. Fwilly

    Filmmaking Laws

    So I know every state had different restrictions as far as public filming and filmmaking in general, but what are the laws for filmmaking in general. Not looking nag for one specific law or anything, I'm looking for all of them. I've been doing some Googling and haven't found much. So if you...
  17. Fwilly

    Finding Gigs

    Hey guys I recently have looked up ways to make money with filmmaking. A lot of people talked about doing music videos for bands and other small things. These all seem like doable things but the only things I don't understand is how you would find these people who need them. It's not all about...
  18. Fwilly

    T2i protective case

    Hey guys I was going to do some recording going snowboarding on a hill soon and wanted to use my t2i. The thing is I don't want to hurt the camera or something if its dropped in the snow. I planned to be beside my friend recording him and I'm pretty bad so I'm worried for the camera's sake. I...
  19. Fwilly

    can someone look over my script

    Hey guys I have never actually filming a short film and I have finally finished my first script. Dialoge is one thing I really struggle with and overall detail. So i was wondering if someone could look over it and tell me what the strong and weak points are and give me a few tips. I lot of...
  20. Fwilly

    What to do after you finish your script

    Hey guys I am finally close to being done with my script for my first short film. But the one thing that I'm still stuck on how is gonna work is finding cast and crew. I cannot use my friends for a couple of reasons, 1 they're ass holes, 2 can't really play the role of who I need them to, and 3...