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    critique First 15 pages of Feature

    Story is about a woman coming into her own after the death of her child, abandoning her responsibilities as a mother and confronting the man who led to her sons death. Looking for any critique that doesn't focus on errors of formatting.
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    critique Super Short

    Super Short Idea. Thoughts?
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    critique 30 page script. Disclamier: topic of suicide and death examined.

    I'm getting ready to submit to a festival, there are a few typos. How else can I clean it up ? Thanks Also it's not a TV Pilot...anymore
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    website Drone Instagram

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    critique First 6 Pages of my script -Pulling Weeds

    Does the set up create intrigue? Is there anything that is off? I care less about grammatical stuff
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    movie-talk What are you watching rn?

    I am going to throw out some of my recent favorites: Portrait of a lady on fire (hulu) A serious man (Netflix) The road to perdition (Netflix) West World (HBO series) What are some recommendations?
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    critique Short Script Feedback

    Is there any weak points? Is the ending rushed?
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    Looking for feedback on some of my work before I submit to festivals. Also up to talk film and Tv.