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  1. John@Bophe

    Congrats to Charles@Bophe - a published composer

    Just a quick shout out congrats to our music and sound guy - Charles - who had his first composition picked up for a TV show background score! Way to GO!
  2. John@Bophe

    The Hobbit at 48 fps Just throwing it out for discussion. Any thoughts on this? Do you agree that the difference will be as significant as Jackson claims?
  3. John@Bophe

    After Effects file size limit?

    I'm working with After Effects, and when I import a video clip that is about (or greater than) 8 minutes, the full length of the video does not appear properly. It appears in my project asset list as a video file with a run time that is a fraction of what it is supposed to be. For example, one...
  4. John@Bophe

    FINGER accepted into TLA Film Competition - Please Vote!

    Hello everyone, I am pleased to announce that our short movie FINGER has been accepted into the TLA Cult 2010 Short Film Contest! A total of 12 films are being presented in the competition at this website: Please visit the site, watch the movies, and vote for...
  5. John@Bophe

    Time Travel movies

    Time travel is a fun concept for a film, but it seems like it is the easiest one to mess up if you don't pay attention to little consistency. I recently watched a movie that dealt with time travel (I won't mention it by name just yet), and I still annoyed that the filmmakers opted...
  6. John@Bophe

    watch The Zombie Barn at Zombiefest 2010

    My town holds an annual Zombiefest for Halloween. It is a tour through the "zombie infested" park grounds. Some of the Bophe crew volunteered to stage the finale in an old barn at the end of the tour. Here it is ... The Zombie Barn.
  7. John@Bophe

    Charles Bunczk new album now available!

    Charles Bunczk's new album, "Congratulations and Condolences" is now available online! Charles co-founded Bophe in 2004 and does all of our sound editing / design, as well as pretty much all of the original scores for our movies. The album is available at most all online music ordering...
  8. John@Bophe

    Question about video mixers

    I have a specific need for a video mixer that will send its output signal to a PC via USB connection. Can someone suggest a brand or model that does this? If this is not standard, is there a device that will convert a standard A/V output signal to USB? Thanks!
  9. John@Bophe

    Need recommendation for screen capture

    Hello all, Does anyone have a suggestion / recommendation for a program that will capture and create a video file of real-time movements on a computer screen? For example, if a webcam talking-head is reading a tutorial and the mouse is moving to execute the directions, like browsing through a...
  10. John@Bophe

    How would you light this setup?

    Here goes another lighting question -- I have a small room (about 15' square) and I want to light a scene where two people sit at a table in the center of the room. I want the overall mood to be dark and dramatic, with the light concentrated on the actors at the table. I would be happy if the...
  11. John@Bophe

    watch ANNOYING BRIAN 2

    Click to watch - Windows Media file Click to watch - QuickTime Movie file File size: around 35 MB Runtime: 9:40 MOVIE CONTAINS LANGUAGE THAT SOME MAY FIND OFFENSIVE, BUT NOT THAT MUCH REALLY. IT'S PRETTY TAME ... EXCEPT THAT BRIAN IS AN A-HOLE. HE CAN'T HELP IT. Click the thread below if...
  12. John@Bophe

    Happy Father's Day!

    Happy Father's Day to all the dads.
  13. John@Bophe

    Do fog machines cause damage?

    I have a small fog machine (the small, simple kind that WalMart sells for $20 around Halloween), and I'm thinking of using it INSIDE for an upcoming scene. Does anyone know if there is a possible risk of staining or damage to walls, furniture, etc? I'm assuming that there is not a health risk...
  14. John@Bophe

    Knightly Grows Up!

    Happy Birthday, Knightly!!!! :cheers: :bday:
  15. John@Bophe

    watch New Movie Teaser!
  16. John@Bophe

    watch Laughing.

    5 minutes Laughing: Windows Media (20MB) Laughing: QuickTime (38MB)
  17. John@Bophe

    watch Something Up There

    Hey everyone -- here is our latest release! This one is written and directed by Paul, with assistance from the traditional crew. You've seen Paul as an actor in some of our previous movies (Lullaby, French Onion). This is the first movie he has led working with this team. He hopes you like it...
  18. John@Bophe

    Welcome to bopheland

    Hey everyone, We did a major overhaul on the Bophe website. Please feel free to check it out and share your feedback. Thanks!
  19. John@Bophe

    LAMENT: The Musical

    Announcing the release of... Please click here to learn more.
  20. John@Bophe


    Happy Halloween, IndieTalk.