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    misc Demo-itis

    Hi, I've written a short article about something that can affect all of us creatives - "demo-itis". It can stagnate the creative process which is never a good thing. The article looks at what it is and how to avoid it. Hope you have a lovely weekend. :)
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    website New website for audio post-production

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to let you know I've got a new shiny website. If you're looking for someone to help with audio post-production, I can help with audio repair, dialogue editing, sound design, music, and mixing to technical specifications. Recent credits include dialogue editing the...
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    70% discount on re-recording fees!

    OK here we go - we're running a competition for those at the ending stage of a feature film (minimum duration 60 mins). First prize is a huge 70% discount on re-recording fees! There are also 3 runner up prizes of 40% discount from re-recording fees. Please like, share, and let everyone know...
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    Need some audio fixed? 30% discount code

    Hi all, As well as all things audio post-production, Ryerson Sound Solutions offer audio repair. Take a quick look at our video to see what we can do to help your project. Included in the video is a promo code for 30% discount to new customers in 2018.
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    Short video about dubbing and promo code

    Hi all, Just made a short video to explain what dubbing (or re-recording) is. Included in the video is a 30% discount code for new sessions booked in 2018. Many thanks.
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    FREE Sound Mixing and Sound Design in February

    Excited to announce that Ryerson Sound Solutions are offering up to 10 completed minutes of sound mixing or sound design completely FREE to new clients who contact us before 28th February 2018 (normally worth GBP £200 each). So if you have a short film that you want mixing to TV broadcast...
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    New website - Audio Post-Production

    Hi all, Just to let you know that Ryerson Sound Solutions has a new website ( Would love to get any feedback and, of course, if anyone needs sound mixing, editing, sound design or music, then please get in touch. :)
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    Article on how to use sound to tel a story

    Article on how to use sound to tell a story Hi, I've made an article on LinkedIn on how sound design and music can be used to help tell a story. Hope you like it.
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    Article on buzz track

    Hi, I've made a short article to help film makers understand how important buzz track (aka room tone) is and how it can be used in the post process. Hope you find it useful. :)
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    Make yourself happy by making your sound mixer happy

    Here's a link to a short article about sound mixers (dubbers, re-recording engineers, whatever you want to call them). It's aimed at film makers who would like to know a little bit more about the process and how they can speed things up at the dubbing stage...
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    Help wanted from any directors/producers

    Hi all, I'm looking at developing an area of the audio side that might be really useful to low/no budget film makers, but I could do with a little help. My idea is simple - if you've ever tried using library/royalty free music, and found that no matter what you do, it simply doesn't quite line...
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    Ready to go music available for you

    Hi all, This is just to let you know that there's a whole host of tracks available for immediate licensing and download from my musicloops site Maybe you want some scary/sci fi trailer music? Want them in 1:30, 1:00, 0:30 and 0:15 edits, as well as stings, so that you can easily make your...
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    Why bother with music?

    I mean, it's not like you've been making a film for fun, or working your guts out to create the best that you can do, is it? Or is it? Because if it is, if you have been slaving away, ignoring your friends, your wife, your dog, all just to make sure that your film is the best, then it makes...
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    Stock Music Available

    Hi all, Just wanted to let you know that I've got quite a few tracks available for use here which can be used straightaway in any project. If you do use any, I'd love to hear about it! :)
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    Great trailer music

    Hi all, It's been quite a while since I was last here, but I'm blowing off the cobwebs and thought I'd let you know I've been busy making some trailer music which you can use for your films. Just have a gander here where you can listen and download ready for your project. And there's not just...
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    Composer Available for Your Project

    Talented composer is now available to write music for your project. Whether you want the big, orchestra sound, or a funky song, we can provide the solution. Why not hear what we've already done, as well as read quotes from our previous happy clients, just by clicking here: Ryerson Sound...
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    Afforable music - click, download, use...

    Affordable music - click, download, use... You're making a film. You want music. You want music that you can just buy, download, and use straight away without worrying about rights, filling in loads of forms, or even getting someone to compose it for you. You want it, we've got it. Ryerson...
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    So you're looking for audio?

    Whether it's music you're looking for, in styles ranging from jazz to rock to full orchestra and choir, or if you're in need of the kind of sounds that will really make your film stand out from the rest, then why not ask us what audio solutions we can create for you. We are Ryerson Sound...
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    A little while ago Stephen Kaminski made up a thread for film composers in this forum. The thread is 8 pages long, and I've lost count of how many views it's had. This got me thinking - there are obviously composers (and people vaguely interested in this side of film development) that like...