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    Please take a look at my website. If your a producer all my information is on the site. Don't hesitate to contact me.
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    Is there anyone who would know a film being shot in the BOSTON ma area? If so I would very much like to attend and learn. Im currently in the process of developing my first film. I need on set experience so I need to see how its done first. Any suggestions?!
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    Producer Is there anyone who knows how to go about finding a producer for an indie film? I'm directing a film and I am currently looking for A producer.
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    level 1 researcher!

    Is there a certain website where I can find a level 1 researcher for my upcoming film? I need help as far as researching and i'm willing to pay someone who would have a higher I.Q. in film research.
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    Film Soundtrack

    I have made a soundtrack for my upcoming indie film. The songs are all from youtube. Like epic type music. Do i need to have them copywritten? Or do i need to have them validated because its not my music?
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    I have written and will be directing a film. Does anyone know where I would find decent actors and actresses?
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    Camera crew

    I am currently looking for a camera crew or someone who has access to cameras for a film that I have written and will be directing. Does anyone know any camera crews that work for cheap/free lancers???
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    Does anyone know where to find the following. Martial arts choreographer, costume designer that would work for either little or no $???
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    Would anyone know how to reach out to actors & actresses who will work for little or even free in boston?
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    Does anyone know a way to copyright a script without having someone else see it and without submitting it?
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    Does anyone know where I can copyright a film script without subscribing my script online?
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    Does anyone know a cheap way to copyright a film script?
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    martial arts choreographer

    Does anyone know a good martial arts choreographer for films. One that wouldn't ask for too much money?
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    script editor

    Does anyone know a good script editor?