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  1. EDM17

    watch Darkland - Episode 2

    Hi everyone! Here is the first (yes, first) film in my short film series, Darkland. It is also my first film. The majority of it was shot in 2007 by me and a friend, and we both act in it as well. I have no experience acting, but he has quite a bit. Some of footage from the original shoot was...
  2. EDM17

    filmmaker looking for people to work with

    I'm a filmmaker and musician. I moved to Virginia not too long ago and am now looking to find all sorts of filmmakers who would liek to work together, as well as anyone who would like to act in some films. I live in southwest Virginia. I am looking for people in the Bath...
  3. EDM17

    cheapest dv camera with 24p?

    Hi everyone. I am looking into buying a dv camera, but I would really like to get one that has the 24p function for the more filmlike look. Can anyone tell me a couple of the cheaper dv cameras that has this function?
  4. EDM17


    I need some info on holding audtions. I really dont know much at all about them. This will be my first time holding auditions and i had a few questions. Im backed up on my schedule already to start production on my film. we were hoping to have auditions this week or next week, but the place...
  5. EDM17

    would anyone like to hear some music I made for my film?

    :oops: I made a self released album which is in concept of my fim ill be making this summer. not all of the tracks will be in the film. You can check out the music through or visit my web page which also has some more information and media. you may not have to sign...
  6. EDM17

    Here, Again- a script i wrote/ am working on

    This is the first quarter of my script, a film i plan to make eventually. this is the first script i worked on. Im 18 and I started it about a year ago. this is probably the fifth draft or so. most of what i posted sounds pretty cliche but the rest isnt for the most part. there is some...