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    What is a realistic boom mic budget?

    I'm producing an independent movie (very low budget, do-it-yourself type film) but I want to have good audio. Something that will sound professional in a movie theater. Usually when you ask for advice about mics, the first response you will get is "what's your budget?" But what I'm wondering...
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    FREE Rewards from Sci-Fi Comedy

    Science Fiction comedy kickstarter fundraiser is offering backers a chance to name characters, write lines of dialogue, or even get their picture in the movie: It looks like funding isn't going to...
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    Low budget scifi special effects - suggestions?

    Hello all, I'm working on a science fiction comedy spoof ( ) and I'm looking for ideas for how to do practical special effects. It's supposed to be like a spoof of the old star trek show - so I'm not...
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    watch "The Date Thief" comedy short

    "The Date Thief" Would love to hear your feedback! Thanks, Daniel Appelt
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    A low-budget comedy about low-budget filmmaking

    The premise: Space Explorers crashland inside of a low-budget movie and need to escape before the credits roll. The film is an excuse to play around with old-school special effects and poke fun at moviemaking. Each scene is a spoof on a different genre, so the Space Explorers find themselves...