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  1. mpaige

    Had an idea for a film...input?

    Fill in the blanks: My protagonist needs_____________ If he/she doesn't get it _____________________________ The thing(s) standing in the way of his/her success is/are______________________________ The thing/person standing in the way (antagonist) needs _______________________________ and...
  2. mpaige


    be sure to check the batteries i've gotten drop outs when using a wireless system because batteries need to be replaced. how's your audio hooked up?
  3. mpaige

    Hi everyone

    Thanks all!
  4. mpaige

    Hi everyone

    Just popping my head in to check you out and say hi. I'm a writer/director (and producer, technically) with a home and business in FL. I'm in Washington DC, where i grew up, right now (and for the foreseeable future) and I often stay in Canada for a few months a year. I won't be there long this...