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    news Jay Rose

    Sound designer and author Jay rose passed away this week. Many of his books and videos are mainstays of "How To" about sound-for-picture. He'll be missed.
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    news Max von Sydow

    RIP Max Von Sydow. Many of you younger folks won't know who he is, but we all lost a great actor. A few of his more notable films: The Seventh Seal The Greatest Story Ever Told The Quiller Memorandum The Exorcist Three Days of the Condor Voyage of the Damned Dreamscape Conan the Barbarian...
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    misc Article About Sound-For-Picture

    Undervaluing Sound And Why Some Producers Shoot Themselves In The Foot By Trying To Cut Costs An interesting article from Pro Tools Expert/Production Expert"...
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    industry Life after Pi

    I thought that some of you may be interested.
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    off-topic Proud Poppa Needs Advice

    Hey all! My youngest daughter is a high school senior. The school quite large with an impressive campus; there are almost 900 in her graduating class. She has been in the Theater track since her freshman year and has been a Theater Arts Honor Student every year. (Your academics have to be on...
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    foley A Very Good Article About Foley

    The title says it all.
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    Another Audio Post Video
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    What a sound engineer REALLY does.

    I thought that some of you might enjoy these.
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    R.I.P. Garry Marshall

    Besides being the creator of “Happy Days,” “The Odd Couple,” “Laverne and Shirley” and “Mork and Mindy” Garry Marshall also directed "The Princess Diaries," "Runaway Bride," "Pretty Woman," "Overboard," and "The Flamingo Kid" among others. He'll be missed.
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    RIP Keith Emerson

    Since he did score a few films I guess he qualifies for a film site. Keith Emerson was a boyhood hero and was one of the reasons I pursued a music career. He made keyboards cool and was considered to the Hammond Organ what Jimi Hendrix was to the Stratocaster. In fact, prior to his death...
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    R.I.P. Maureen O'Hara

    A beautiful lady, a great actor, great eyes. I'll miss her.
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    Everest, Without Sound Effects

    Apparently, the BBC was sent a preview scene of "Everest" and received a dialog only version. Here it is. And as it's supposed to be.
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    Anecdotes, Reminiscences and Other Miscellany

    This thread is just for fun and a place for people - writers - to read anecdotes and experiences from fellow travelers in the entertainment biz to use in their writings if they so choose. Just give credit where credit is due…..:D:yes::lol: Okay, I'll start...
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    5 Huge Mistakes You'll Make in the Film and TV Business

    This article was in the Huffington Post: #4 is my favorite.... "If your film looks terrible but has great sound, people might just think it's your aesthetic. If your film looks great and has bad sound, people will think you're an amateur. Sound is the first indicator to the industry that you...
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    NASA Posts a Huge Library of Free Space Sounds

    NASA Posts a Huge Library of Space Sounds, And You’re Free To Use Them Hey, ya never know. And they might even be useful for the IT community short film.
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    Just For Fun...
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    RIP Richard Kiel

    A great character actor - he'll be missed....
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    RIP Richard Attenborough
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    RIP Lauren Bacall

    She was one of my favorite actresses from the "golden age" of film - and sexy as hell.
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    RIP Robin Williams Wow! I sort of "grew up" with him; "Mork and Mindy," his comedy specials, then his films. I will miss him.