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    New member - Looking for a script about using facemasks in this time of the virus

    I cannot find face masks or gloves anywhere, and I'm sure that there a many in the same situation. I now wear a bandana or a "construction" style face mask (like for sheet rock sanding, etc.) if I need to go out. My wife and daughter are currently making some masks out of stretchable hem...
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    Hi There!!!!!!!!
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    Hi, team.

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    Hello! This is my first step :)

    👍👍 Copy That! Welcome!!!!!
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    Hello everyone

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    Get Spirited Away With a Four-Part Hayao Miyazaki Documentary, Now Streaming Free Online

    I really, really like Miyazaki, and my older daughter is a true fanatic with my younger daughter not far behind. We have a whole bunch of his films on DVD and two weeks ago had a mini-Miyazaki-marathon.
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    story Short stories with extreme limits

    It's not posted anywhere that I know of, and I can't find my copy, but I'll look again. For another one location film how about Alfred Hitchcock's "Rope." Also one "continuous" shot to boot. And most of "Lifeboat" is one location, as is "Rear Window if memory serves me right. And "Das Boot"...
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    Hi There!!!!! Former working musician, now doing - primarily - audio post.
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    Hola a todos!

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    story Short stories with extreme limits

    Yes. I worked on the short "Baptism By Food" (production sound and audio post) where the entire location was in a kitchen. It was for the Midnite Madness Film Festival, which gave you seven (7) days to make a short (midnight Friday you get your genre & general prop; you submit your final cut...
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    Wojciech Beria DoP

    Hi There!!!!!!
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    Hi everyone

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    Old dog back for new tricks!

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    Hey There!!!!!!
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    Indie of the Month April - Social Distance Film Challenge

    Well, now I have to spend hours looking through/for footage. Could be interesting....
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    Indie of the Month April - Social Distance Film Challenge

    Just to clarify on the rules a bit.... Can we use Public Domain footage, such as stuff found on Prelinger Archives? As long as the concept is to "re-invent" it with a new edit, or replace the sound, dialog, etc.? (Think "What's Up Tiger Lily.)
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    Howdy!!!!! And, since you asked for advice, as a sound guy I have to put in my usual..... Your project will only look as good as it sounds, because "Sound is half of the experience" If your film looks terrible but has great sound, people might just think it's your aesthetic. If your...
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    Hello there.

    Hi again!!!!!
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    Good mornin', good mornin!

    Howdy!!!!!! And since you titled your introduction Good mornin', good mornin! One of my favorite movies!